In this episode of Starting a Business Simplified, host Suzy Wraines interviews Angela Winter, an intuitive brand and website designer. Join us as we explore Angela's journey of how she stumbled into web design and the importance of authenticity in business. 

Discover how Angela helps entrepreneurs stand out and connect with their ideal clients through her unique approach to website design.

Finding Your Authentic Path:

Angela's story is a testament to the fact that often our calling finds us, rather than the other way around. While she started her career with a music degree, she gradually realized that what truly ignited her passion was authentic expression. 

Angela had a rich background in the arts and coaching, which led her to become a voice studio owner, teaching singing and coaching speaking. As an introvert, Angela realized she needed a change when her second daughter was born, and this spurred her journey into web design.

Interestingly, Angela's path evolved organically, showcasing the power of following your passions and allowing them to guide your career choices.

Embracing the Journey and Adaptability:

A key takeaway from Angela's experience is that it's okay not to have all the answers right away when starting a business. We often hear that having a plan and clear objectives are essential, but sometimes, it's about starting and allowing things to unfold naturally. 

Angela's journey from voice coaching to web design reflects the fluidity of entrepreneurship. She emphasizes that it's crucial to stay open to new opportunities and embrace the unexpected turns that may lead to exciting and fulfilling endeavors.

Discovering Your Authentic Voice:

Suzy and Angela highlight the significance of self-discovery and understanding who you are as an entrepreneur. Angela emphasizes the importance of uncovering your authentic self and expressing it through your business and personal life. 

When working with clients, Angela helps them navigate the process of self-discovery and align their branding with their core values and ideal clients' needs. By doing so, entrepreneurs can create a genuine connection with their audience and attract those who resonate with their unique offerings.

Standing Out Through Authenticity:

Often, entrepreneurs struggle with finding ways to stand out in a crowded market. Angela's approach revolves around helping her clients embrace their authenticity and communicate it effectively, especially through their websites. 

By infusing their true selves into their online presence, entrepreneurs can create a space that genuinely represents who they are and how they can help their clients. Suzy and 
Angela stress the need to move away from traditional business models that focus solely on professionalism. Instead, they encourage entrepreneurs to show up as themselves, connecting on a personal level with their audience.

The Role of Authentic Website Design:

Angela's intuitive brand and website design strategy aim to meld an entrepreneur's core authentic self with the core authentic self of their ideal clients. By considering both elements, Angela creates websites that effectively represent her clients while speaking directly to the needs and desires of their target audience. 

The goal is to establish a genuine connection, making visitors feel like they're engaging with a real person rather than a faceless business entity. Authentic website design allows entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between their true selves and their online presence, promoting trust and creating a memorable user experience.

Aligning Your Online Presence with Your True Identity:

Angela and Suzy address the issue of entrepreneurs feeling a disconnect between their true selves and their websites. It is common for entrepreneurs to struggle with accurately reflecting their values, personality, and unique approach in their online branding. 

As entrepreneurs grow and evolve, it becomes crucial to regularly reassess and ensure that their website accurately represents who they are and how they serve their clients. The process involves aligning the website with their ever-changing authentic identity.


In this compelling episode of Starting a Business Simplified, Angela Winter shares her journey from voice coaching to web design and highlights the power of authenticity in business. Through Angela's experience, we learn that it's okay not to have all the answers when starting a business and that being open to opportunities can lead to unexpected and fulfilling paths. 
Moreover, Angela emphasizes the importance of discovering and expressing one's authentic voice, and she enlightens us on how websites can effectively communicate that authenticity to clients. As entrepreneurs, let us embrace our true selves and create online spaces that genuinely resonate with our audience, inspiring trust and connection.

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