Upcoming Workshops
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Current Workshops Offered 
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About The Workshops

All Business Success Breakthrough Workshops are designed to provide an environment of learning and support. It is a safe space to ask questions and be supportive. We encourage everyone to participate to build confidence as a business owner. 

As a business owner, we need to have good communication skills the workshops are a safe place to practice communicating in a group setting. If you aren't used to being on video calls this is a perfect place for you to practice!


What To Expect In The Workshops

How to prepare for the workshop:
  • Don't be driving or doing other things while in the workshop.
  • Remove any distractions before getting on the call (pets, children, or people).
  • Be ready to have your camera on (judgment-free safe zone).
  • Be prepared to take notes and have a way to write or type out ideas.
  • Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

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