In the latest episode of Starting a Business Simplified, our host Suzy Wraines urges entrepreneurs to overcome their fears and take the plunge into market research. Our special guest Nicki Krawczyk, copywriting guru and the brain behind Circuit Sales System, joins us to unlock the secrets to customer connection and business growth.

Given the overwhelming journey of starting and scaling a business, Suzy begins the episode by addressing the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones to engage with our potential clients. 

Highlighting her own commitment to understanding her client base, she shares anecdotes of conducting 15-minute calls with her audience which garnered unexpectedly positive results. These conversations, though brief, provided a wealth of information that surveys alone could not capture.

Nicki takes this conversation deeper, emphasizing the invaluable insights that emerge from engaging with various groups of people. According to her, effective questioning and delving into the emotional transformations of potential clients can reveal the core drivers behind customer behavior. This resonance with the audience’s needs and desires is something Nicki has mastered through her company, and creating the Circuit Sales System.

A critical piece discussed by both Suzy and Nicki is the significant role of social media engagement. Infusing your messaging with the language of your potential clients can remarkably improve your brand's outreach. 

Nicki adds, that engaging isn't just about connecting with your current followers; touching base with non-followers expands your scope and brings fresh perspectives to your market research.

Taking action, Suzy stresses is the cornerstone of gaining confidence in business operations. She poignantly nudges her listeners to shed the shackles of perfectionism and leap into action. The journey from novice to expert is made by walking the path – or in the case of entrepreneurs, by starting the business.

Throughout the episode, Nicki Krawczyk’s personal story serves as a beacon of inspiration. From grappling with $55,000 of credit card debt to mulitplying her earnings 40 times within two years, Nicki’s narrative is nothing short of miraculous. Utilizing the Circuit Sales System, she transformed her struggles into successes, affording her venture a robust growth trajectory despite challenging beginnings. 

Suzy shares her admiration for Nicki's resilience and endorses the Circuit Sales System as a tool every new business owner should consider.

Delving into the tenets of this system, the duo underscores the importance of structure and strategy. Market research is not a mere accessory to business—it is an integral part that ensures sustained growth and relevance. By engaging in constant conversations with the target audience, entrepreneurs better understand who they're designing for and what solutions they crave.

However, many budding business owners skip market research due to shyness, a false sense of assurance, or a premature rush to sell. As Nicki points out, even if you're the target audience, assuming that you fully understand your market is a perilous pitfall. Market research should be a continuous effort, ever-evolving just like the needs and wishes of customers.

Remarkably, both Suzy and Nicki advocate for a deeper approach to market research than the norm. Surveys can provide useful data, but the depth of understanding, the murmur beneath the voices, comes when you are willing to have genuine conversations. It's not just about asking questions; it's about establishing rapport, listening actively, and unveiling the real stories behind people's choices.

Nicki, with hands-on experience, divulges her method of talking to different groups and listening to varied perspectives to identify patterns in market research. A pivotal message from her journey is to talk to five to ten people from each targeted group to crystallize messaging and assure a strong understanding of your audience’s desires.

Action breeds confidence, and none know this better than Suzy and Nicki. Suzy shares how her confidence bloomed when she started making those market research calls. She encourages new entrepreneurs to lean into this practice, suggesting the use of scripted questions to ease into the process while maintaining authenticity.

Nicki seconds this action-driven approach by championing the notion of committing to just a handful of 15-minute calls, reached out through email or social media. Being genuine, transparent, and taking a genuine interest in the individuals you communicate with makes all the difference, Nicki asserts. When new business owners are transparent about their journey, it creates a level playing field where connections flourish.

Ultimately, the message is clear: Market research, when applied diligently and empathetically, unravels the essence of consumer expectations. For those starting out, the words of our host Suzy Wraines linger: “Don’t worry about being perfect; just get started.” After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single, well-researched step.

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