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Today's episode features a heartening conversation with Suzy Wraines, a business foundation coach who has pioneered an inspiring alternative approach by integrating trauma-informed healing into business coaching.

Suzy's journey into the world of business was not your typical transition from a steady career into the unpredictable waters of entrepreneurship. 

As a former army medic who has dealt with PTSD and childhood developmental trauma, she understands firsthand the hurdles that unresolved personal issues can create for aspiring business owners.

The Transformation Journey

Suzy shares a personal anecdote that catalyzed her transformation. After her husband pointed out her difficulty in standing up for herself, she embarked on a path towards establishing healthier boundaries and learning to speak up—a skill critical in both personal life and entrepreneurship. This process not only led to her own healing but also opened up a path for Suzy to assist others in their business-building ventures.

The hosts, Suzy Wraines herself, alongside Kimberly Ward, express deep appreciation for Suzy's vulnerability in sharing her story. They underscore the importance of listeners reaching out to Suzy if they resonate with her experience and are seeking guidance.

From Medical Professional to Business Coach

Suzy Wraines is a business foundation coach and an embodiment of her work. She specifically aids women in making the leap from medical professions to owning their businesses. Her expertise is greatly valued, considering that many of these women have never run a business and are intimidated by the idea.

Tapping into her background, Suzy initially resisted engaging in energetic healing. It wasn't until she joined the Somagetics membership that she found the necessary support to heal and grow. It was through this community that she met her fellow host, Kimberly, and later enrolled as a student in the trauma energetics coaching program.

Teaching and Healing

Today, Suzy is on the other side of the room, teaching a business course and offering support to students who want to make a living through energetic healing work. 

Her approach weaves together internal work and tangible business steps, addressing the internal blocks that frequently stunt many entrepreneurs.

Both Suzy and Kim emphasize the significance of being proactive, creative, and intentional rather than reactive when running a business. 

Suzy's own method of work—which facilitated her transition from a structured profession in the medical field to the fluid landscape of entrepreneurship—is now what she applies to her clients' transition processes.

The Interplay of Healing and Business Growth

Suzy prowess in guiding clients encompasses not only business acumen but also an understanding of their need for healing. She stands firm on the notion that before one builds a business, a foundation of healing from past traumas is crucial. 

This holistic approach fosters an environment of flexibility and personal growth, crucial for navigating the uncertainties inherent in entrepreneurship.

The discussion illuminates how transpersonal energy healing transcends its applications, proving beneficial in areas beyond personal healing, such as business coaching. 

It was through her deep work in the Somagetics community that Suzy experienced profound personal growth, fundamentally changing how she communicates in her relationships and operates in her business.

Overcoming Personal and Business Challenges

Initially, Suzy faced difficulties in her business due to unresolved personal issues, which impacted her ability to connect with others authentically. However, after engaging with a specific modality and personal healing sessions within the Somagetics community, she experienced a turning point. 

She learned to tune into her body's energy and release emotions in a safe environment, leading to a substantial release of negative experiences and improving her overall well-being.

Suzy candidly shares the story of a traumatic incident that occurred 15 years ago at a vet clinic, which left her nervous system in disarray. She managed to get by the moment but never truly resolved the underlying issue, leading to persistent triggers. It was only after an energy healing session that she found resolution and empowerment, allowing her to make choices and live fearlessly.

This powerful testament demonstrates how confronting and resolving deep-seated traumas equips one with the tools to face challenges head-on and seek help when necessary. 

Suzy's transformation showcases a clear shift in her trauma response and has instilled in her a newfound sense of safety and curiosity about life.

The Gift of Empowerment

Psychotherapy provided Suzy with coping strategies but failed to let her fully live her potential. In stark contrast, the unique modality she explored encouraged her to feel alive and present in her body, unlocking her ability to let go and thrive. It's this transformative gift that Suzy now imparts to her clients, aiding them in overcoming their fears and doubts as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Wrapping Up

Suzy Wraines' tale is a stirring example of resilience and the power of healing. Her alternative approach bridges trauma-informed healing with business coaching, offering an invaluable perspective for those taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

This episode not only highlighted the intricate relationship between personal development and professional success but also provided a beacon of hope for those feeling trapped by their previous experiences.

In closing, listeners are reminded that the path to successful entrepreneurship isn't solely hinged on external strategies and tactics but also on addressing the internal blocks and healing from the past. As Suzy and Kimberly reiterate, personal empowerment and flexibility in energy work can ultimately shape not only the trajectory of a business but the quality of life as an entrepreneur.

For those wishing to connect with Suzy or explore this blended approach further, the hosts encourage reaching out. It's through stories like Suzy's that "Starting a Business Simplified" fulfills its mission—demystifying the complexities of entrepreneurship and making the journey accessible and enriching for all.

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