In a recent episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," hosted by Suzy Wraines, Suzy gets real about the challenges and rewards of starting a business. The key message that she emphasizes in the episode is the importance of time and consistency in staying in the business owner zone and achieving success.

Suzy starts by acknowledging the prevalent trend in the global internet world of Manifestation and visualization, where individuals believe they can attract success simply through meditation and positive thinking. While she agrees with the power of manifestation, Suzy stresses the need for taking inspired action and doing the work. 

She highlights that being a small business owner requires expending energy and taking consistent action, just like any other job, and dispels the illusion that it is effortless or devoid of responsibility.

Drawing comparisons to working in a medical clinical job, Suzy emphasizes that both endeavors require expending energy and the need for rest and replenishment. 

However, the difference lies in the autonomy and responsibility that comes with being a small business owner. Unlike an employee, a business owner bears the burden of their business's success and has the freedom to choose when and how much they work.

Suzy confronts the notion that aspiring business owners can simply operate on their own terms without putting in the necessary effort and action. 

She challenges listeners to reassess their drive and passion, emphasizing that success as an entrepreneur demands consistent action and energy expenditure. 

Suzy shares her personal affirmations of being an action-taker and decision-maker as a means to reprogram her mindset from being an employee to becoming a successful business owner.

Furthermore, she stresses that unlike being an employee, where the burden of success rests on the employer, as a business owner, one must take full responsibility for the success of their venture. 

She clarifies that individuals who are not ready to embrace this responsibility need not do so but asserts that owning a business requires the commitment to expending energy and consistently taking inspired action.

Highlighting the flexibility and autonomy that comes with being a small business owner, Suzy encourages individuals to show up in the ways that resonate with them rather than conforming to conventional standards of success. 

She speaks to the importance of being authentic and comfortable in sharing one's business, even in non-business settings, to attract potential clients and opportunities.

Moving on, Suzy delves into the significance of consistency and time in building a successful business. She affirms that, as a business owner, one must consistently show up and take action, akin to the commitments expected in a traditional job setting. 

Drawing from her personal experience with hosting the podcast, she emphasizes the value of being consistent over time and the impact it has in reaching and resonating with a wider audience.

Suzy extends a challenge to her audience to pick one aspect of their business and commit to being consistent with it for the next 12 months. She advocates for tracking the progress to witness the value of consistency and time, using her dedication to releasing a new podcast episode every Tuesday as an example.

In conclusion, Suzy stresses the power of time and consistency in small business ownership, underlining the necessity of expending energy and consistently taking inspired action. She encourages individuals to embrace the responsibility of their business's success, to show up authentically, and to commit to consistent action. 

Furthermore, she highlights the value of tracking progress and encourages her audience to share their commitments to consistency for the next 12 months.

Suzy's episode serves as a valuable reminder for aspiring and current business owners of the essential components of success – time, consistency, and the unwavering dedication to taking inspired action.

In summary, Suzy's podcast episode provides a deep dive into the essential elements of thriving as a small business owner – the relentless commitment to consistent action and the willingness to shoulder the responsibility for one's business's success. Throughout the episode, she emphasizes the need for expending energy, taking inspired action, and being authentically present to build a sustainable and thriving business.

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