Unlocking Healing Through Trauma Energetics Coaching: An Interview with Kimberly Ward

In the latest episode of Starting a Business Simplified, special guest Kimberly Ward, a Somatic Trauma Therapist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, discusses the transformative power of Trauma Energetics Coaching and its potential to guide individuals towards a healthier life and successful business. 

Kimberly shares their journey and explains how trauma-based self-sabotaging behaviors can hinder healthy habits. Through the Trauma Energetics Coaching Certification program, coaches and individuals learn to address the root causes of trauma-related behaviors, empowering them to overcome barriers and achieve a more fulfilling life. 

The program offers different paths for participants, including a personal healing path and a year-long certification journey that equips individuals with valuable skills to start a successful coaching practice.

From Idea to Action: Starting a Business That Fulfills Your Purpose with Kayla Thompson-Riviere

The Starting a Business Simplified podcast helps entrepreneurs maneuver the complexities of starting a business. A recent episode with host Suzy Wraines and Kayla Thompson-Riviere explores the healthcare industry and how entrepreneurship can help patients receive the best possible care. 

Kayla's experience and success as a private patient advocate illustrate the power of entrepreneurship to help patients. She shares insights such as the importance of networking and how to find gaps in healthcare resources to fill.

The episode provides valuable insights on various topics, including starting a business, networking, and patient advocacy. Entrepreneurs can take away key points such as the significance of finding one's passion, connecting with relevant individuals in the field, and building a clear plan. 

The episode also highlights the need for more patient advocacy and resources for healthcare. Overall, the episode offers essential insights for entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.

Through Kayla's experience, the episode emphasizes that entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams and use their unique skills and experiences to make a positive impact. The podcast also provides useful links for listeners to follow up on related topics.