Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

In the latest episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," Suzy Wraines underscores the crucial role of business planning in achieving entrepreneurial success. She presents a clear argument against leaping into business ventures without a comprehensive plan, identifying this as a common pitfall that often results in wasted time and resources. By drawing from personal experience and industry examples, Suzy highlights the importance of strategic planning, especially the clear definition of product or service, understanding the target audience, pricing, and delivery strategies, as well as grasping the financial implications and sales techniques involved.

Through her engaging discussion, Suzy debunks myths surrounding the ease of building successful businesses, advocating instead for thorough preparation and understanding of business foundations. She introduces listeners to her simplified approach to business planning, aimed at both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners looking to reassess their pathways. Furthermore, Suzy extends an invite for one-on-one consultations and discovery calls, offering personalized advice and strategies tailored to individual business aspirations.

Concluding her insightful conversation, Suzy stresses the importance of regular business reviews, encouraging her audience to re-evaluate and streamline expenses similar to personal subscriptions. Her message is clear: effective planning and strategic simplicity are key to sustainable entrepreneurship. Suzy's commitment to demystifying business complexities and guiding individuals through their entrepreneurial journey provides invaluable resources for anyone looking to navigate the challenges of starting and running a successful business.

Manifesting Tips for Starting a Small Business

In a recent episode of the Starting a Business Simplified Podcast, host Suzy Wraines explores the concept of manifesting your ideal business. She emphasizes the importance of believing in your business vision and aligning your actions with inspired intuition. Suzy draws parallels between manifesting success in business and planning a highly anticipated trip, highlighting the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions. She encourages entrepreneurs to journal and meditate on their business ideas, paying attention to the ones that evoke excitement and urgency. By taking inspired action and remaining open to various avenues, entrepreneurs can move closer to realizing their business goals.

Suzy Wraines' episode on manifesting your ideal business provides valuable insights for aspiring and established business owners. By aligning actions with vision and embracing inspired intuition, individuals can set the stage for successful business growth. Suzy emphasizes that manifestation is not just about hoping for success, but actively taking actions that support the envisioned success of the business. By keeping the process simple and trusting in the journey, entrepreneurs can manifest their business goals and enjoy fulfilling growth.

The Power of Time and Consistency in Small Business Ownership

In a recent episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," Suzy dives into the challenges and rewards of starting a business. She emphasizes the importance of time and consistency in achieving success as a small business owner. Suzy dispels the illusion that entrepreneurship is effortless and highlights the need for energy expenditure and taking inspired action.

Suzy confronts the idea that aspiring business owners can operate on their own terms without putting in the necessary effort. She stresses the autonomy and responsibility that comes with owning a business, as well as the commitment to consistent action. Suzy encourages individuals to be authentic and comfortable in showcasing their business, even in non-business settings, to attract potential clients and opportunities.

Furthermore, Suzy emphasizes the significance of consistency and time in building a successful business. She challenges her audience to choose one aspect of their business and commit to being consistent with it for the next 12 months. Suzy advocates for tracking progress and shares her dedication to releasing a new podcast episode every Tuesday as an example.

Overall, Suzy's episode serves as a valuable reminder for aspiring and current business owners, highlighting the essential components of success: time, consistency, and the unwavering dedication to taking inspired action.

The Basics You Need to Start a Successful Service-Based Business in 2024

In this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," Suzy Wraines provides valuable insights and practical tips for aspiring solo entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses in 2024. She emphasizes the importance of identifying the type of service you want to provide by brainstorming and evaluating ideas. Suzy also highlights the significance of envisioning the future of your business, understanding the target market, and establishing a strategic pricing model. Additionally, she stresses the importance of effective financial management and setting up a separate business bank account and payment processor. By following these steps and with proper planning and passion, aspiring entrepreneurs can achieve their business goals.


Transforming Business and Self through Life Force Energy: What is Somagetics?

In a recent episode of Starting a Business Simplified, Kimberly Ward, the creator of Somagetics, joined host Suzy Wraines to discuss the transformative power of life force energy on personal and professional growth. They shared their personal experiences with tapping into their essential selves and the importance of clarity in creating a safe environment for transformation. The Somagetics TEC Program, which addresses self-sabotaging behaviors and helps practitioners access their essential selves, was highlighted as a unique healing system with remarkable results.

Suzy Wraines shared her own transformation and certification in the program, leading to a significant improvement in her business and personal life. Graduate Emilie Kershaw praised the program's value and nurturing community. The episode discussed the program's focus on trauma patterns and the practical experience gained through live practice sessions. Kimberly Ward emphasized the importance of transforming defensive behaviors into qualities that benefit others and highlighted the program as a standalone system that can support practitioners full-time or complement other modalities.

The episode also touched on the certification course and business partnership opportunities, highlighting the life-changing impact of collaboration and the potential for building a profitable business in this field. Ultimately, the episode served as a valuable resource for practitioners, healers, and professionals looking to harness the transformative power of life force energy for their own growth and that of their clients.

Engage with the Starting A Business Simplified Podcast Community

In a recent blog post, Suzy Wraines, the host of the Starting A Business Simplified podcast, announced the creation of a new community for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. This community aims to provide a safe space for discussion, learning, and behind-the-scenes insights. Suzy expressed her gratitude for her listeners and emphasized the importance of creating a two-way communication channel. 

She also revealed her plans to introduce video podcasting in 2024, allowing her audience to watch her on YouTube and Spotify. Additionally, Suzy launched a private Facebook group exclusively for podcast listeners, where members can interact, ask questions, and engage with exclusive content. The group aims to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support among its members. Overall, Suzy's announcement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the podcast, transforming it into an interactive and community-driven platform for entrepreneurial growth and empowerment.

Unleashing the Power of Self-Expression: A Healing Journey Through Storytelling and Writing

Guest Rachel Dick recently appeared on the "Starting a Business Simplified" podcast to discuss the transformative power of self-expression, storytelling, and writing. As a nurse and coach, Rachel shares her own journey of self-discovery and highlights the healing potential of sharing personal stories. Rachel's coaching practice focuses on helping individuals find and share their voices, whether through writing, podcasting, or becoming more expressive in their personal and professional lives. 

She emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for storytelling, and her workshop "Heal the Right Way" provides a supportive community for individuals to explore their narratives and develop a daily writing practice. Rachel's work serves as a beacon for those looking to embrace their stories and unleash the power of self-expression through writing and storytelling. Find out more about Rachel and her coaching services on her website and connect with her on social media.
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