Starting a business can be a challenging but rewarding venture. No one knows this better than Suzy, the host of the podcast “Starting a Business Simplified”. 

In one of her latest episodes, she invited Kimberly Ward, a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and transpersonal energy healing therapist, to share her experience with starting and growing a business. 
Throughout the podcast episode, Kimberly shared her journey and highlighted how she incorporates her learning from transpersonal energy healing into her coaching practice to help her clients heal and grow their businesses. 

Kimberly’s journey 

Her journey began with her mother, a nurse who was also interested in natural healing and taught energy healing classes from home. 
Growing up, she was fascinated by nutrition and herbalism, and at 19 years old, became a holistic practitioner. Initially, she thought she wanted to be a physician and started off as a massage therapist and bodyworker while studying in college.

However, after volunteering in a clinic, she realized that she did not have the time to be with clients one-on-one as she thought, and it was too focused on medication. She became a home birth midwife but had a traumatic delivery and had to cope with a sick baby and mentall ill husband, which led her to work in the corporate world as a health coach for twelve years.

After many years in the corporate space, she found that unresolved trauma can keep people from making the changes they want for their health. She left the corporate world to specialize in helping people with illness rooted in stress or trauma. 

Her experience led her to explore her own healing journey after experiencing trauma. She found herself responding defensively to everything. However, after seeking help from a therapist, she learned to express her emotions in a safe environment and found healing through transpersonal energy healing.

Various Modalities in Healing

Kimberly credits her training in transpersonal energy healing therapy to Laura Fine, the creator of the transpersonal energy healing therapy system. When asked about the process, Kimberly mentioned that it involves a dialogue process that may include breathwork, movement, and working with the subtle energy body. 

The system is focused on helping clients access their inner wisdom and inner healer. Kimberly incorporated this system into her trauma recovery work as it helped bring techniques to unwind and unfold old patterns of stress and trauma that live within the body.

Kimberly shared a message of hope to listeners that they too can heal themselves. They just need to learn to trust their essential selves to guide them. She believed that most people are stuck in a state of defense without realizing it, which prevents them from creating the things they desire. 

Running her business has been an important part of her process in shifting her state and embracing her creativity. She hopes to spread this message to others.

transpersonal energy healing

Suzy and Kimberly continued their conversation about transpersonal energy healing, discussing how entrepreneurs could use the technique when they face blocks or feel overwhelmed in decision making. 

Kimberly suggested that entrepreneurs can train in the skill of objectively observing their body and its sensations as it helps in making different choices. 

She credited these skills with helping her access her own inner wisdom and creativity and to break free from trauma patterns and defensive mechanisms that hinder her ability to thrive and build her business.

Kimberly is currently in a program where she is learning from a practitioner's perspective and working on her own healing. She shared that she is using the techniques she is learning in her professional life as an entrepreneur coach and personally in her relationships.

Healing as an entrepreur

The conversation then turned to Kimberly's business journey. Kimberly shared that she had been teaching a program for years with her business partner. They were in the midst of a beta launch for a revamped program when her partner unexpectedly passed away, and she had to figure out how to move forward without them. This is a situation that many entrepreneurs dread, but Kimberly had to step back and figure out how to pivot without her partner.

Fortunately, she met someone who provided valuable expertise in starting a new business entity. With their help, she rebranded her business as SomaGetics, with a focus on a body-based energy system of healing trauma patterns. 

As she explained, trauma is an experience where the individual felt overwhelmed and found an energetic way to buffer themselves from overwhelm. The lessons learned were incorporated into the revamped program, now called the Ten-Step Process.

transpersonal energy healing program

The Ten Step Process helps people heal themselves so they can facilitate the healing of others. It is a combination of self-study and live training where students learn the transpersonal energy healing technique called SomaGetics

During the program, students get six one-on-one sessions with a seasoned practitioner. The program is suitable for people in the financial coaching, natural health and health coaching field, as well as anyone looking to improve their personal relationships and use these skills in any business. 

The program gives practitioners skills to enable their clients to access their own inner healer and creative being.

Kimberly emphasized the importance of passion in the podcast episode, noting that it is important to find what one is passionate about and incorporate it into their business. 

For Kimberly, her passion for the work is what has been powerful in her own personal healing journey and is now incorporated into her coaching styles.
This episode offered valuable insights into starting, growing, and evolving a business. Kimberly's journey highlighted the importance of seeking help when needed and learning from our own journeys. 

It also highlighted the benefits of using transpersonal energy healing therapy to help break free from trauma patterns that hinder our ability to thrive personally and professionally. 

Combining transpersonal energy healing therapy with business coaching and personal passion have helped Kimberly create a coaching program that can help others heal and grow their businesses.

In conclusion, this episode with Kimberly Ward offered listeners a lens into the journey of a successful businesswoman, coach, and transpersonal energy healing therapist. 

Kimberly's story shows that it is possible to heal oneself and build a successful business simultaneously, as well as pointing towards a path of using one's passion to succeed in business. 

The topic of transpersonal energy healing therapy shows its potential as a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to remove blocks and access their inner wisdom to make sound business decisions. 

Starting a business may be simplified when one incorporates self-care and personal growth interventions like transpersonal energy healing.

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