Starting a business while working a full-time job can be a daunting challenge, but it's a path that many aspiring entrepreneurs consider. 

In the "Starting A Business Simplified" podcast, Suzy Wraines hosts a conversation with Candy Pedersen, a leadership mindset coach who specializes in helping individuals develop leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. Candy shares her insightful journey of transitioning from a full-time nursing job to pursuing her passion for coaching while still working her day job.

In the episode, Candy reflects on her experience as a registered nurse and a nursing leader for over a decade, realizing the lack of preparation and training provided to individuals transitioning into leadership roles within the nursing profession. 

She observed colleagues struggling to adapt to the demands of leadership, often feeling unprepared and lacking confidence due to the minimal education and support available in the healthcare industry. This realization became the driving force behind her decision to start her own coaching business, as she sought to equip nursing professionals with the essential leadership skills and emotional intelligence required to excel in their roles.

Candy describes the pivotal moment that propelled her into action – the tragic passing of a dear friend who lacked the confidence and professional development needed for her leadership role. 

Fueled by the desire to fill this critical gap and inspired by her personal growth through professional coaching, Candy embarked on the journey of establishing her own coaching business, Heart and Backbone Nursing Leadership, with a focus on elevating nurses to leadership positions. 

Her mission is to empower nurses to overcome their struggles with leadership, difficult conversations, stress management, and work-life balance through specialized coaching and support.

During the conversation, Suzy and Candy acknowledge the challenges of balancing a full-time job with building a business and the necessity of seeking support and guidance. 

Candy emphasizes the importance of action, taking small steps each day, and confronting fears to make progress. Her approach to coaching reflects this philosophy, fostering a practical and adaptable approach to cater to the demanding schedules of nursing professionals. In response to the time constraints faced by many nurses, Candy announces her plans to introduce mini-coaching sessions to address the need for convenient and impactful support, emphasizing the significance of starting somewhere and committing to one's vision.

With a passion for helping others, Candy is eager to expand her coaching programs, including the launch of a new program, Impact Leader, designed to cultivate leadership qualities and confidence in individuals. Her long-term vision involves creating a supportive community for leaders to collaborate and grow together, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and shared learning. 

Additionally, Candy and her husband host a podcast, "The Walk It Off Show," where they discuss emotional intelligence, personal development, and wellness, contributing to a diverse range of resources and insights for their audience.

For nursing professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who are contemplating starting their own businesses while maintaining their full-time careers, Candy's journey offers valuable lessons and inspiration. 

Her experience underscores the significance of internal alignment with one's purpose and values, the need for practical support, and the strength in taking consistent action toward one's goals. As educators and mentors, both Suzy and Candy emphasize the importance of self-discovery, goal setting, and the value of building a supportive network within the nursing community and the entrepreneurial sphere.

The conversation with Candy Pedersen illuminates the possibility of pursuing one's entrepreneurial aspirations while maintaining a fulfilling full-time career. 

The message resonates with individuals seeking to integrate their passions with their professional responsibilities, emphasizing the empowerment and potential for growth within the nursing profession and beyond. 

By tapping into their strengths, seeking support, and embracing continuous growth, aspiring entrepreneurs can navigate the challenges of balancing their business ambitions with their existing careers, discerning the right path forward and taking the first step towards building a sustainable and fulfilling entrepreneurial endeavor.

Candy's journey serves as a testament to the power of resilience, mentorship, and the transformative impact of coaching, echoing the sentiment that it is never too late to pursue one's dreams and expand one's horizons. Her dedication to guiding and uplifting nursing professionals reflects a commitment to instilling confidence, empowerment, and growth in individuals, ultimately shaping a thriving community of leaders within the healthcare industry.

In summary, Candy Pedersen's journey offers a compelling narrative of perseverance, purpose, and passion, demonstrating that it is possible to pursue entrepreneurship and personal growth while maintaining a fulfilling career. Her story serves as an inspiring roadmap for individuals looking to embark on their entrepreneurial ventures, imparting essential insights into leadership, mindfulness, and the art of balancing professional responsibilities. 

Through her coaching and commitment to mentorship, Candy embodies the spirit of empowerment, resilience, and continuous learning, inspiring others to unlock their potential and forge their unique paths toward success and fulfillment.

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