Welcome to another episode of “Starting a Business Simplified” Podcast, where we simplify the journey of starting and growing your business. 

In this episode, host Suzy Wraines delves into the concept of manifesting your ideal business. She shares her insights on how believing in the existence and attainment of your business vision, coupled with aligning your actions with inspired intuition, can lead you to success.

Manifesting is a term that has gained popularity in recent years, and Suzy breaks it down to the core principle of having faith in something you desire, even when it is not yet tangible. 

Drawing from her background in corporate business and her business degree, Suzy emphasizes that everyone starts somewhere, typically with an idea.

Building on the concept of visualizing your business in its ideal state, Suzy encourages listeners to explore the emotional aspect of envisioning success. She explains how manifestation is intrinsically linked to energy, highlighting the connection between one's thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Using the analogy of planning a highly anticipated trip, she demonstrates how the excitement and vibration associated with such an event parallels the energy required to manifest a successful business.

Suzy stresses that manifesting success in business is not merely about wishful thinking, it is also about taking inspired action. She draws parallels between anticipating the realization of a trip and the excitement of building a business, emphasizing the importance of aligning your actions with the vibrational energy of success.

To further illustrate the concept of inspired action, Suzy recounts her personal experience of starting this podcast. She emphasizes that the decision to launch the podcast was not meticulously planned, rather came as an intuitive nudge. 

This exemplifies how inspired action can lead to unexpected yet fulfilling opportunities in business. As Suzy stepped into the uncharted territory of podcasting, she highlights that the key was taking actions aligned with intuition and inspiration as opposed to a predetermined strategy.

Highlighting the necessity of inspired action in realizing business success, Suzy emphasizes that intuition and ideas will flow once the vision is established. 

She encourages entrepreneurs to journal and meditate on their business ideas, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to the ideas that evoke excitement and a sense of urgency. This approach, she suggests, will lead to actions that are inspired and aligned with the ultimate vision for one's business.

Suzy further maintains that aligning actions with intuition and inspiration ultimately leads to synergistic occurrences that propel the business forward. 

She elucidates that the key is to remain open to various avenues through which alignment and inspired action can manifest. Whether it's meeting the right people, receiving unexpected opportunities, or gaining new insights, the process of manifestation is intertwined with the actions that align with the envisioned success of the business.

In conclusion, Suzy underscores that manifestation in the realm of business is not about merely hoping for success, but rather about taking actions that are aligned with one's vision and intuition. By remaining open to inspired action and trusting in the process, entrepreneurs can move closer to realizing their business goals. 

Suzy stresses that the path to a successful business is not about forcing actions but about allowing inspired ideas to guide one's journey. This approach, she asserts, can lead to the steady and fulfilling growth of a business.

In essence, Suzy's insightful episode on manifesting your ideal business underscores the power of aligning your actions with your vision and remaining open to inspired intuition. 

Her emphasis on the role of manifestation in the entrepreneurial journey provides invaluable insights for aspiring and established business owners alike. By embracing the concept of manifesting and integrating inspired action into their entrepreneurial endeavors, individuals can set the stage for the successful realization of their business goals.

In the spirit of Suzy's message, let us embrace the power of alignment, inspired action, and manifestation in our pursuit of entrepreneurial success, and as always, keep it simple.

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