Welcome to "Starting A Business Simplified," a podcast that focuses on navigating the shift from a medical career to starting an online business. In this episode, host Suzy Wraines shares her personal journey and provides guidance on overcoming obstacles that may be holding you back from pursuing your own business venture. 

Throughout the podcast, she emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset, seeking support, and following a step-by-step plan. 

Discovering Possibilities and Overcoming Doubts:
Suzy opens by addressing common fears and doubts that may prevent individuals from taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

She assures listeners that it is indeed possible to live their dreams, launch a successful business, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility they desire. 

Suzy draws from her own experience, acknowledging the six-year journey she embarked upon before launching her own business.

The Value of Coaches:
Suzy highlights the pivotal role coaches played in her journey. She emphasizes the valuable insights, confidence-building, and internal healing she gained through working with them. 

These coaches helped her address inner obstacles and heal from past traumas. Suzy encourages listeners to seek support from experienced professionals who can guide them through the process of starting a business.

The Need for Structure:
Having identified a gap in the market, Suzy explains how her personal struggle led her to create a framework for starting a business. She realized that many resources were either too overwhelming or lacked step-by-step guidance. 

Suzy's approach, known as "Starting A Business Simplified," provides individuals with a clear roadmap, offering support and direction for each stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Internal Healing for Success:
Suzy emphasizes the importance of addressing internal barriers to success. She introduces the concept of trauma energetics coaching, which focuses on healing from within. 

By combining a structured plan with internal self-awareness, Suzy enables entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs and fears. This holistic approach allows them to confidently sell their products or services and share their passion with the world.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle:
Suzy reflects on the joys of being a business owner and highlights the freedom it brings. On a personal level, she shares how entrepreneurship has allowed her to spend time with her family and create her own schedule. 

Suzy emphasizes that being a business owner is more than just a job; it's a way of life that provides fulfillment, purpose, and the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Overcoming Hurdles and Taking Action:
While Suzy acknowledges that building a business requires hard work and includes tasks that may not be enjoyable at first, she encourages listeners to start somewhere. 

She recounts her own experiences of starting alone without a clear roadmap, reinforcing the importance of having a structured plan and support system. With determination and the right mindset, entrepreneurs can overcome hurdles and progress towards achieving their goals.

In conclusion, Suzy Wraines' podcast episode provides valuable insights and guidance for individuals looking to transition from a medical career to starting their own online business. 

Through her personal journey, Suzy reveals the keys to success: believing in yourself, seeking support from coaches, following a structured plan, and healing from within. 

With the right mindset and the necessary resources, listeners can overcome their doubts and fears, confidently pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, and ultimately achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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