Welcome back to another episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," the podcast that aims to provide valuable insights and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Cynthia Roemer, the owner and founder of Conscious Women's Mission Accelerator and Hypnosis

Cynthia will be sharing her wisdom on expanding consciousness and reclaiming sacred power, specifically in the context of starting and growing a business. 

So, let's dive in and explore the fascinating world of hypnosis and conscious entrepreneurship.

Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur

Cynthia begins by reflecting on the significance of becoming an entrepreneur when starting a business. She highlights the conscious effort required to transition from working for someone else to running your own business. Often, there are unconscious influences from our previous employment that we need to acknowledge and overcome. 

By reclaiming our sacred power, we can shape our path as entrepreneurs, free from limiting beliefs.

Debunking Hypnosis Myths

One of the myths Cynthia wants to address is the misconceptions surrounding hypnosis. She emphasizes that we are already being hypnotized in various ways through media, advertising, and societal influences. 

Our affirmations and conscious thoughts are like selecting what we consume mentally. Cynthia encourages us to be mindful of the suggestions we expose ourselves to and actively choose positive self-talk.

Harnessing the Power of Hypnotic Tools

Cynthia shares her personal experience of using guided hypnotic meditation to overcome PTSD and insomnia. This technique helped her reduce her reliance on medication and improve her sleep patterns. 

She explains that repetition and consistency are key when using hypnotic tools to reprogram our minds. In the context of starting a business, these tools can help entrepreneurs deal with uncertainties, lack of direction, and build the necessary confidence to take risks.

The Importance of Trust and Self-Belief

Trusting your path and decisions is crucial in the entrepreneurial journey. Cynthia emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and creating the best possible scenario. She highlights the challenges of handling rejection and building resilience, which are essential skills for entrepreneurs. 

Overcoming the need for perfection and having the confidence to share authentically are also key aspects that can be addressed through hypnosis.

Asking for What You Need and Deserving Abundance:
Using your voice and asking for what you need, including money, is an essential practice for women entrepreneurs. 

Cynthia discusses how hypnosis can reprogram the mind and change perceptions about asking, making it an easy and natural process. She reveals that hypnotic tools have been used for centuries in ancient civilizations like India and Egypt to help people heal and manifest their desires.

Understanding the Power of the Unconscious Mind

Cynthia explains that hypnosis is a self-induced state, where our brain decides whether or not to accept suggestions. She points out that we are suggestible and open to taking in suggestions throughout the day. Most of our day is spent in a relaxed, trance-like state, where we unconsciously absorb information. 

Therefore, it's crucial to be mindful of the suggestions we expose ourselves to, including our own self-talk.

Breaking Free from Unconscious Patterns

Addressing the unconscious mind is essential because it stores suppressed emotions and beliefs that shape our behaviors. Cynthia emphasizes that everyone has experienced things in their life that have influenced their unconscious programming. 

While working on the conscious level can create change, the root of the issue lies within the unconscious mind. Hypnotic tools offer an efficient way to address the unconscious and create lasting shifts.

The Transformative Journey of Cynthia Roemer

Cynthia shares her inspiring journey from a background in nonprofit work, teaching, training, and program creation to starting her spiritual path. 

Her encounter with unconscious mind tools at an event led to a transformative experience, motivating her to share these tools with others. Over the past seven years, Cynthia has built a successful business empowering women through hypnosis.


In this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," we had the pleasure of exploring the fascinating world of hypnosis and conscious entrepreneurship with our guest, Cynthia Roemer. 

By expanding our consciousness and reclaiming sacred power, we can navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business more effectively. 

With the power of hypnosis and conscious tools, we can overcome limiting beliefs, build confidence, and manifest our desired outcomes.

Remember, as entrepreneurs, we have the power to shape our reality and create a business that aligns with our values. By using hypnosis and conscious techniques, we can tap into our inner potential and unlock our true power. So, embrace this journey of self-discovery and growth, and step into the realm of conscious entrepreneurship.

Thank you for tuning in to another transformative episode of "Starting a Business Simplified." Stay tuned for more valuable insights and guidance on your entrepreneurial journey.

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