Starting a Business Simplified is a podcast that helps entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of starting a business. In one of their bonus episodes, host Suzy Wraines spoke with Kayla Thompson-Riviere about her success as a private patient advocate. 

The episode provides valuable insights into the healthcare industry and how entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool to help patients receive the best possible care.

Kayla had a grand idea and vision but had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, she found Suzy, Entrepreneur Coach with Business Simplified LLC who provided structure, guidance, and support, which allowed her to develop a clear and concise plan for her business. 

Without that guidance, Kayla would have been left to research and find conflicting resources instead of building her business. This illustrates the difference between building a house without a contractor versus hiring one for guidance.

The podcast episode covers several key points, including the importance of speaking with people in advocacy to learn more about the different facets of the field, the need to consider one's strengths when pursuing advocacy work, and the benefits of virtual advocacy in the digital age.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is to consider one's area of expertise and knowledge in healthcare when getting into advocacy work. Kayla initially assumed she would only work in chronic illness management, but quickly realized that she could also make a difference in acute care. 

This is important because it emphasizes the need for individuals to think critically about how they can make a difference given their unique skills and experiences.

Another important takeaway from the episode is the importance of having a strong drive and purpose. This is something Suzy emphasizes on her podcast and with her clients. She encourages individuals to pursue their passions and to use their entrepreneurial spirit to make a difference. 

In the case of patient advocacy, this means providing support and guidance for patients and their advocates, as well as filling gaps in healthcare resources.

The episode also highlights the importance of networking. Kayla and Suzy met in a Facebook group during another program. This show the importance to actively seek out opportunities to connect with others in one's field and to build relationships that can help guide and support your entrepreneurial journey.

The episode also contains valuable insights into the process of starting a business. The first step is figuring out what service you want to provide and having a passion for it. 

This is something that Kayla did when she discovered private patient advocacy. From there, the focus should be on building a clear and concise plan that helps to prioritize and keep focused on one's goals.

Suzy used Starting a Business Simplified guide she wrote to help her stay on track and encourages her clients to ask questions and work together to find solutions. This shows the importance of having a plan but also being flexible and willing to adjust as needed.

This episode also contains valuable insights into the healthcare industry and how it can be improved. Kayla discusses the need for more resources for patients and their advocates, particularly in the area of critical care. 
She also emphasizes the importance of patient advocacy and how it can help patients navigate the healthcare system to receive the best possible care.

This conversation offers valuable insights into the private patient advocacy field. Kayla emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional patient advocate who can communicate with healthcare providers and stay on top of information so the patient can focus on getting well. 

She also highlights the differences between general advocacy, which involves accompanying patients to appointments and coordinating care, and acute and critical care advocacy, which requires a higher level of expertise and knowledge.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in healthcare. It emphasizes the importance of finding one's passion, connecting with others in the field, and building a clear and concise plan. 

It also highlights the need for more resources for patients and their advocates and the critical role that advocacy can play in improving healthcare outcomes.

Kayla's success as a private patient advocate illustrates the power of entrepreneurship to make a difference in people's lives. By using her skills and experiences to provide support and guidance, she helps patients receive the care they need and deserve. 

Entrepreneurs can learn from Kayla's journey and use it as a model for how they can use their skills and experiences to make a difference in their chosen field.

Finally, it’s important to follow your passion and using entrepreneurship as a means of achieving your goals. Whether it's private patient advocacy or another field, entrepreneurs can make a difference by pursuing their dreams and using their unique skills and experiences to make a positive impact.

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