On this episode of Starting a Business Simplified, join Suzy as she shares her personal healing journey. From understanding how experiences from before birth up to age 10 have shaped her nervous system's reactions to transpersonal energy healing, Suzy highlights how releasing limiting beliefs can lead to success as an entrepreneur. 

She discusses the importance of being aware of subconscious beliefs and behaviors preventing listeners from starting or growing their businesses and offers free consultations to help identify and overcome these beliefs. Join in to listen to Suzy's story and learn more about how to simplify your approach to starting a business.

Topic 1: Developmental stages and the subconscious mind

  • Suzy describes how experiences from before birth to age 10 shape our nervous system's reactions and create patterns for self-protection
  • These patterns may be helpful as a child, but some are no longer beneficial in adulthood
  • Believes that limiting beliefs may be preventing listeners from starting or growing their businesses

Topic 2: Transpersonal energy healing

  • Suzy describes how our bodies have energetic charges that can get discharged throughout the day, and we need to recharge them
  • Shares about her experience with transpersonal energy healing that involves tapping into emotions and moving energy
  • Plans to use this modality with clients who have limiting beliefs holding them back from starting a business

Topic 3: Personal healing journey

  • Suzy shares experience growing up in poverty in the 70s and sometimes lacking food
  • Acknowledges the impact of family dynamics and defense mechanisms developed during childhood
  • Emphasizes the importance of being able to speak up in their work as an entrepreneur coach

Key facts:

  • Our nervous system releases chemicals and sends impulses to help us react to situations and stay safe
  • Young children may not know how to regulate these reactions
  • The speaker's healing journey focuses on deep subconscious and nervous system healing from childhood traumas.
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