Starting a business can be an overwhelming and daunting task. From coming up with an idea and developing a business plan to securing funding and launching the business, the process can be intimidating for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs.

In the "Starting a Business Simplified" podcast, host Suzy Wraines aims to simplify the process for aspiring business owners by sharing her own journey and providing tips and insights.

In this episode of "Suzy's Journey," listeners get a glimpse into Suzy' background and the experiences that led her to start her own business. Suzy, a former military member who worked as a caretaker for injured soldiers, was medically discharged after suffering neck and back injuries due to the heavy load she had to carry while on duty.

Despite the physical and mental challenges she faced, Suzy decided to go back to the business world and earn a Business Administration degree. Going through school was easy for her, as she already knew how to do business thanks to her experience in corporate settings. However, she got the degree to prove to others that she knew what she was talking about. Suzy advises reconsidering the idea of getting a degree or certification if it's not legally required.

As she developed her business idea, Suzy found that her skills in problem-solving and creating new systems and processes came naturally. She leaned on the people around her and her supervisors for guidance and support, and would create solutions based on what the client needed and would connect the dots to make it work. According to Suzy, these skills helped her grow and develop in the corporate world.

Suzy eventually realized that her passion lay in helping people who want to start a business but don't know where to start. She wanted to simplify business planning for aspiring entrepreneurs and developed "Starting a Business Simplified" to do just that. Suzy wrote a workbook that anyone can use to write out a basic, simplified business plan.

In the podcast, Suzy shares that she believes that mindset shift is crucial for success. After all, anything is possible. Suzy shares about her own journey of creating Business Simplified and how she faced a standstill when there was no response to her workbook. In the upcoming episode, she will explore what was missing in her journey.

Suzy plans to continue sharing her journey as a business owner, offering inspiration and ideas to others who are planning their own businesses. She believes that people struggling to start a business need support and guidance. Her background in the medical and military fields has taught her about high-demand and stressful environments, and she can relate to the difficulties of starting a business from scratch, including exhaustion and compassion fatigue. She wants to reach out to people like herself who are transitioning from a stable paycheck to the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

In the episode, Suzy also shares some personal experiences, including her deployment to Iraq and her experience treating trauma patients. She had to rely on her training to treat patients with limited resources, using only an aid bag that contained the necessary tools to stop bleeding and help in immediate situations. She had to rely on their faith and training to ensure the safety of the patients they treated.

Suzy also talked about the neck injury that she suffered. She has a neck injury equivalent to whiplash, which she got from wearing a heavy Kevlar helmet for a year. The disc degeneration in her neck caused physical symptoms. However, Suzy admits that she also experienced mental trauma from her experiences and connections with fellow soldiers, which she had stuffed down. She acknowledges the traumatic experiences of healthcare workers during COVID.

The podcast "Starting a Business Simplified" offers valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Suzy' personal journey serves as an inspiration to those who may be hesitant to take the first step in starting their own business. Her workbook for creating a simplified business plan is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to get started but might not know where to begin.

According to Suzy, starting a business can be simple, as long as the entrepreneur has the right mindset and is willing to put in the necessary work and effort. By sharing her journey and experiences, Suzy hopes to encourage and inspire others to pursue their own dreams of entrepreneurship.

Overall, Suzy's journey is a testament to the fact that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset. Her story serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with the challenges of starting a business, and her advice and insights can help aspiring entrepreneurs simplify the process and get started on the path to success. 

If you're considering starting your own business, be sure to check out the "Starting a Business Simplified" podcast for valuable tips and advice.

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