Why It’s Important To Have An Aligned Marketing Strategy For Social Media Conversions
The article was written by: Jade Francesca

Something you will often hear about regardless of your niche, the platforms you work on, your target audience, or the size of your business, is that a social media marketing strategy is necessary to optimize conversions. 

But social media can be unpredictable. Maybe you’ve tried a couple of things already, maybe you’ve followed the tips of some social media experts, maybe you’ve even done a bunch of reels or tiktoks even when it felt silly to…

But you’ve had no results.

Isn’t that frustrating?

I know it was frustrating for me to realize that following that advice and hopping on trends I didn’t even like didn’t even give me the results I wanted. 

If this resonates, keep on reading. Because I’m here to tell you that an aligned marketing strategy on social media really does make a difference, and aligned is the keyword here.

The 3 ways aligned marketing strategy on social media is important are:

  1. Building real connections. 
  2. Not wasting away time on social media. 
  3. To get aligned visibility. 

Before we dive deeper into the 3 ways an aligned marketing strategy on social media is important and something you should implement, I want to clarify what I mean by “aligned marketing strategy.”

In a nutshell, it simply means that you feel comfortable and happy with your marketing assets and strategy, your messaging aligns with your business, and the actions you are taking make you feel good, empowered, and accomplished – instead of unsure, uncomfortable, and disappointed.

Aligning yourself with your marketing strategy is the key to optimized conversions and happier business life. 

Let’s dive deeper into why.

You Get To Build Real Connections

In my time spent on social media, I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs who grow dissatisfied and defeated with the progress (or lack thereof) they’re making on social media, no matter the platform they’ve targeted.

People aren’t answering their DM’s, people aren’t engaging with the things they post, and when they do, it’s small comments that don’t really mean anything. 

But that’s because their strategy simply isn’t aligned with their businesses, or themselves. When you market something and it’s obvious you are trying to sell, it comes off as sales-y, and no one is here for that anymore.

People want a human connection. Buying from faceless corporations who don’t give a damn about us has made a lot of people very careful about what they spend their money on, especially in the current economic climate. 

They need to like you, trust you, and most importantly, to know you.

That only happens when you align your marketing strategy with who you are, instead of simply following trends, or advice from social media gurus that talk about going viral or getting thousands of followers.

There is no point in going viral or getting thousands of followers if you don’t attract the people that are going to want to buy from you to begin with. 

With an aligned marketing strategy, you will connect with people who think like you and can relate to you.

Those are the people who will buy from you. 

What’s even more amazing about doing an aligned marketing strategy on social media is that you can (and should) also grow and nurture a community.

They’ll learn about your passions, your “why”, who you are, what inspires you, and what transformation you can offer them, and I could go on.

Human connection always wins, and that’s where you should invest your time.

Speaking of time, aligned marketing also helps you reclaim the time you would have otherwise lost doing unaligned marketing. 

Let’s dive deeper into that.

Reclaiming Your Time Strategically

Rather than scrolling on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or any other platform endlessly, a marketing strategy keeps you focused, and acts as a guide for how you should approach social media and make the most of your time. 

That includes not only your content strategy but your engagement strategy as well. 

With an aligned marketing strategy, you connect with the right people, instead of wasting time curating content for people who are never going to buy from you anyway. If you’ve ever had a reel go viral, you’ll notice that you didn’t really gain that many insightful comments or followers.

That’s because doing trends doesn’t give you the right people, it gives you the attention of people who found your content entertaining. And that’s nice, sure, but does it nurture your community? Does it convert to sales?

Probably not.

Finding a marketing strategy that aligns with your business, nurtures your audience and feels good is what will deliver results and help you reclaim your time, all the while getting you that visibility you want.

Let’s talk more about that.

Aligned Marketing = Aligned Visibility

You probably know that one of the best ways to gain visibility for your business or services is through social media. 

Conversions don’t strictly happen through websites, and SEO with Google is a long-term strategy.

Social media can get eyes on your business more quickly, but as I’ve mentioned before, you want to target the right people.

An important aspect of an aligned marketing strategy that works on social media is sharing what is unique about you, unique about your business, and unique about what you offer. I call it Unique Authority. Through social media, you get to show people who you really are, and that is key.
It’s a huge part of getting that aligned visibility you want. Trust me, conversions are much easier from there, and social media won’t feel so much like a chore anymore, or something you “have” to do – it’ll be something you want to do.

Imagine how great it’ll be when you get to convert more leads into sales because you showed up as yourself and got to have an aligned marketing strategy that makes you feel empowered.

To Sum It All Up…

Why is it important to have an aligned marketing strategy for social media conversions? 

  1. Building real connections with the right audience, and having a community you can nurture. Human connection converts.
  2. With an aligned strategy, you’re not wasting away time on social media – your actions are guided, strategic, and focused on what feels aligned, allowing you to reclaim your time and spend it doing what you love, offering even better offers to your community, all of which increases conversions.
  3. With an aligned marketing strategy, you get aligned visibility. You get the right people to view your content, and conversions are much easier to accomplish. 
An aligned marketing strategy for social media conversions is worth investing in if you would like to bring more aligned visibility to your business, build a community with the right audience, reclaim your time on social media, and most importantly, feel empowered and aligned while doing so.

About The Author 
Jade Francesca is a Marketing Strategist who specializes in transforming businesses with aligned and personalized marketing strategies & creative designs.

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