In this episode of “Starting a Business Simplified” Suzy is joined by career coach and resume writer, Angie Callen. Together, they dive into Angie's inspiring journey of self-discovery, embracing entrepreneurship, and finding her true purpose. Through their conversation, we gain valuable insights into 

Angie's experiences, her beliefs about personal growth, and the importance of following our instincts. Join us as we explore Angie's evolution from civil engineer to boutique career coach, and how she now plans to expand her impact by hosting retreats and supporting fellow entrepreneurial spirits.

Discovering Entrepreneurial Callings 
Angie's journey into entrepreneurship was not a linear one, but rather a series of experiences and realizations that led her down this path. Having initially chosen a career in civil engineering, she later discovered that it was not aligned with her true passions and aspirations. 

After transitioning through various roles in the nonprofit sector, Angie stumbled upon the idea of career coaching, and it resonated deeply with her.

 Creating a Business Aligned with Purpose
Inspired by her desire to help others shape their futures and escape mediocrity, Angie founded her company, Career Benders

Specializing in coaching engineers and tech professionals, she found her sweet spot in boutique 1-on-1 career coaching and resume writing for high-level executives. This alignment with her purpose brought a sense of fulfillment and signaled that she was on the right path.

Transitioning from Structure to Entrepreneurship 
Leaving the structured world of engineering for the freedom of entrepreneurship was akin to landing on another planet for Angie. The absence of a roadmap or clear instructions can be daunting, especially when transitioning from a highly structured career. 

However, Angie emphasizes the importance of embracing the journey of self-discovery. It is through this process that one can unlock their true potential and find their purpose.

The Power of Retreats and Connections 
During the podcast episode, Angie and Suzy discuss the value of retreats and the connections that can emerge from them. Angie shares her desire to host a retreat herself, and, to her surprise, Suzy reveals that she is planning on co-hosting the retreat with Angie. This alignment of desires and intentions sparked a synergy between the two, leading to further exploration of this exciting opportunity. 

Angie highlights the importance of open communication and sharing ideas, as it often leads to unexpected and fruitful connections.

Living Tiny: Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit 
Angie's personal journey also involved living in a school bus turned house for four years before transitioning to a traditional house. This unconventional choice allowed her to reduce living expenses, enabling her to invest more time and energy into growing her business. "Going tiny" became a reflection of her entrepreneurial spirit—being willing to do whatever it takes to make her business successful. 

Angie's leap of faith showcases the determination and resilience required to pursue one's dreams.  This was another connection she shared with Suzy’s journey. 

The Impact of Personal Growth and Accountability Throughout her journey, Angie emphasizes the importance of personal growth and accountability. She speaks of creating personal accountability and not settling for mediocrity. By taking control of our lives and pursuing our true callings, we can find fulfillment and unlock our potential. 

This extends to her retreat and mastermind program, designed to guide participants in self-discovery, planning, and taking action towards achieving their goals. The retreat serves as a catalyst for personal growth, and the subsequent mastermind program ensures ongoing support and accountability.

Angie Callen's inspiring journey from civil engineer to career coach and entrepreneur demonstrates the power of self-discovery, embracing entrepreneurship, and following our instincts. 

By aligning our work with our purpose, taking leaps of faith, and embracing personal growth, we can embark on a fulfilling and impactful journey. Angie's story also emphasizes the importance of connections, retreats, and sharing ideas to uncover unexpected opportunities. 

Whether we are entrepreneurs or simply seeking personal growth, let us be inspired by Angie's experiences and find the courage to pursue our passions and unlock our true potential.

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