In the latest episode of the "Starting a Business Simplified" podcast, host Suzy welcomes special guest Terina Maldonado

This conversation delves deep into the power of intentional self-care, speaking out, and the essential role it plays in personal and business growth.

Terina's inspiring journey, coupled with her expertise in helping individuals navigate transitions and find their authentic selves, offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners. Let's explore some key takeaways from this episode.

The Power of Sharing Experiences

Suzy begins the episode by expressing gratitude to Terina for sharing her remarkable story. They emphasize the importance of sharing experiences, as it has the power to inspire others to step out and do something bigger with their lives. 

By featuring stories like Terina's, the podcast aims to encourage listeners to move forward, even in the face of adversity.

The Importance of Self-Care

Terina highlights the significance of prioritizing self-care as a fundamental step toward personal and business growth. Taking a moment each morning to check in with oneself and identify what is needed for self-care is crucial. While it may take time to develop this practice and access your intuition, the benefits are well worth it. 

Suzy shares personal examples of self-care activities, emphasizing that everyone's definition of self-care will differ. It's essential to embrace whatever brings you joy and peace, regardless of societal expectations or judgments.

Mindfulness as a Tool

Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can be incorporated into everyday routines, irrespective of how busy your schedule is. Suzy shares how she used mindfulness techniques during her time working at a busy grocery store to find calm amidst chaos. Taking just 30 seconds in a quiet place to breathe and be intentional can help lift the weight of stress and rejuvenate the mind.

Demystifying Self-Care

In recent times, self-care has become a popular buzzword. However, there is a common misconception about what it truly means. Self-care extends beyond the activities you engage in; it is about the intention and mindfulness you bring into those activities. 

Simple pleasures, like savoring a cup of tea or immersing oneself in nature, can all be forms of self-care. By building these intentional moments into your daily routine, you can effectively reduce stress and cultivate self-love, which are essential for success.

Navigating Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are universal emotions, particularly when facing the unknown. Suzy advises acknowledging and naming these emotions to neutralize and ground oneself. Terina shares techniques such as box breathing, which triggers the parasympathetic system and reassures the brain and body of safety and control. 

This practice can help prepare you for important tasks, such as sales calls, by reducing anxiety and enhancing clarity.

Embracing Personal Growth

Terina shares her personal belief in using difficult challenges as opportunities for personal growth and resilience. By facing and processing these experiences, she has learned to understand and empathize with others going through similar situations. She stresses the importance of self-compassion and extending it to others. Embracing one's unique journey and stories can inspire and help others along their own path.

Curiosity and Overcoming Fear

Suzy emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to employ curiosity to understand their fears and anxieties. They suggest exploring worst-case scenarios and asking yourself what they would truly mean, often realizing that they are not as detrimental as feared. 

Maintaining resilience and confidence, better opportunities can be found and fear can be overcome. Self-compassion and logical reasoning become valuable tools in navigating through fearful situations.

Aligning Inner and Outer Voices

Terina shares drawing from her experience as a coach for religious transition and facilitator for vocal empowerment, she highlights the importance of aligning one's inner voice with their outer voice and actions. 

This congruence is crucial for business success. Building a strong sense of self-worth is essential for attracting clients and developing fruitful business relationships. Personal growth and business development should be consciously worked on simultaneously to create a solid foundation for success.

Embracing a Purposeful Calling

Terina's inspiring journey includes experiencing trauma and challenging experiences firsthand. They reveal feeling that their experiences and lessons were meant for more than just themselves. 

Despite initial discouragement due to cultural and religious beliefs, they eventually pursued their calling. She encourages individuals to live authentically and share their true selves, even if it goes against societal norms.


The conversation with Terina Maldonado on intentional self-care, personal growth, and embracing one's purpose offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

By prioritizing self-care, cultivating mindfulness, acknowledging fears, and aligning inner and outer voices, individuals can navigate challenges with resilience and success. 
Each person's journey is unique, and their stories have the power to inspire, educate, and empower others. So, why not step out, embrace self-care, and start creating a life and business you love?

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