In this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," host Suzy welcomes guest Melissa McClung, a seasoned entrepreneur and career coach. Melissa shares her journey of accidentally starting her own business and emphasizes that entrepreneurship doesn't always have to mean leaving your job. 

The conversation highlights the misconception that one must choose between being an employee or a business owner, and explores the possibilities of finding freedom and flexibility while working within an organization.

Unveiling the Binary Choice

Melissa reflects on her early days as an entrepreneur, where the prevailing belief was that one had to be either an employee or a business owner. This binary perspective left many feeling trapped by the status quo, unable to rebel against it. 

However, Melissa challenges this notion by explaining that individuals can still have the entrepreneurial spirit within an organization.

Entrepreneurship Within Organizational Structures

Melissa emphasizes that it's possible to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship while still working for an organization. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, individuals can bring innovation, creativity, and a problem-solving approach to their roles. 

This enables them to make a profound impact, pursue personal growth, and take control of their career trajectory within the boundaries of an organization.

Crafting Your Personal Brand

To thrive as an entrepreneur within an organization, Melissa suggests branding oneself as an individual. She highlights the importance of honing personal skills, talents, and experiences to distinguish oneself within the organization. 

By identifying their unique value proposition, individuals can position themselves for opportunities that align with their strengths and aspirations.

Unconventional Job Search Strategies

Melissa introduces her book, "Mind Your Career: How to Job Search Like an Entrepreneur Without Becoming One," which provides unconventional strategies for job seekers aiming to find the right fit within an organization. These strategies involve leveraging entrepreneurial tools and tricks to differentiate oneself in the job market, stand out from other candidates, and secure positions that align with their goals.

The Power of Networking

Networking plays a vital role in finding opportunities that fit one's skills, interests, and experiences. Melissa highlights the value of building genuine connections and engaging with professionals both within and outside one's organization. 

By expanding their network, individuals increase their chances of discovering hidden job opportunities and finding mentors who can guide them on their entrepreneurial journey within an organization.

Balancing Entrepreneurship and Employment

Melissa explores the balance between entrepreneurship and employment, suggesting that individuals can pursue entrepreneurial ventures as a side hustle while maintaining their current job. 

This allows them to test the waters, gain experience, and gradually transition into full-time entrepreneurship if desired. The key is to set clear boundaries and prioritize tasks effectively to manage both responsibilities successfully.

Embracing Possibilities

Suzy and Melissa highlight the importance of embracing the multitude of possibilities that exist beyond the traditional employee-to-entrepreneur dichotomy. 

They stress the significance of exploring alternative paths and finding what truly serves each individual's aspirations and needs. By breaking free from the predetermined narratives, individuals can carve out their own unique paths and embrace a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey within organizational boundaries.


The episode with Melissa McClung serves as a reminder that entrepreneurship is not limited to leaving one's job. It encourages individuals to challenge the binary choice mindset and embrace the possibilities of being an entrepreneur within the structure of an organization. 

By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, crafting a personal brand, utilizing unconventional job search strategies, networking effectively, and balancing entrepreneurship with employment, individuals can find the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment they seek. 
It's time to redefine entrepreneurship and create a space where individuals can rebel and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, regardless of their employment status.

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