In a recent episode of Starting a Business Simplified, Suzy Wraines hosted Kimberly Ward, the creator of Somagetics, to discuss the powerful impact of life force energy on physical structure and behavior in the body. This episode delved into the transformative potential of moving life force energy differently, leading to shifts in identity, self-sabotaging behaviors, and ultimately, business and personal growth.

Kimberly Ward and Suzy Wraines shared their personal experiences with tapping into their essential selves, leading to a clarity in defining their identities and shifting their energy and behavior. They emphasized the concept of clarity in this process, identifying defensive behaviors, resistance, and creating a safe environment for personal and professional transformation.

The Somagetics TEC Program works from the bottom up, addressing what's held in the body and energy field to transform self-sabotaging behaviors. This unique healing system is designed to help practitioners, healers, and professionals access their essential selves and support their clients in finding their own solutions and healing mechanisms.

Suzy Wraines, the host, shared her personal transformation and certification in the Somagetics program, leading to a remarkable 500% improvement in her business and personal life within just 8 months. She highlighted the impact on her relationships, self-care, and holistic transformation, underscoring the program's significance.

Emilie Kershaw, a graduate of the TEC Transpersonal Energy Certification Program, praised the program for its value, offering the option to go through the program twice for personal and professional benefit and the nurturing community.

The episode went on to discuss the Somagetics program's focus on addressing patterns from trauma and working with life force energy. It emphasized learning through practical experience, live practice with teachers and fellow students, and the importance of multiple practice sessions to gain confidence in using the skills. The community support and the confidence gained from practicing the modality were also highlighted.

Kimberly Ward indicated that transformation in the Somagetics program involves moving from childhood wounds to flourishing in our gifts. She also discussed the importance of identifying defensive behaviors and transforming them into qualities that benefit others. The program was described as a standalone, easy system that can constitute a full-time living or serve as an adjunct to other modalities for supporting oneself and clients.

Suzy and Kimberly also discussed a certification course and business partnership, emphasizing the life-changing impact of their collaboration and the course offered by Somagetics. They emphasized the program's potential in helping others turn their skills into a profitable business and discussed two options for the program - a full-year certification program and a 6-month personal healing path.

As the episode came to a close, Suzy encouraged listeners to research, ask questions, and take action if they are interested in starting a business in this field. Kimberly expressed gratitude for the opportunity and partnership with Suzy, and they both shared a simple yet profound message to the listeners.

In summary, this episode of Starting a Business Simplified delved into the transformative power of Somagetics' TEC Program, shedding light on the profound impact of life force energy on personal and professional growth. Listeners gained insights into real-life experiences of transformation, the supportive community, and the potential for building a profitable business in this field. The episode served as a valuable resource for practitioners, healers, and professionals seeking to harness the power of life force energy for their own transformation and that of their clients.

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