Welcome back to another exciting episode of Starting a Business Simplified, where we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship and uncover valuable insights to help you navigate the complex journey of starting your own business. In today's episode, we have a very special guest, Kimberly Ward, a Somatic Trauma Therapist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner. 

Join us as we explore the transformative power of Trauma Energetics Coaching and its potential to guide you towards a healthier life and successful business.

Exploring Kimberly's Journey and Somagetics

Kimberly starts the conversation by sharing their inspiring journey as a functional nutrition practitioner. She realized that many clients struggled to follow through with healthy habits due to trauma-based self-sabotaging behaviors. 

Determined to make a difference, Kimberly left the corporate world and obtained certification in Somatic trauma therapy techniques. 
It was during this journey that they met their partner, Laura Fine, who introduced them to Transpersonal Energy Healing. Together, they combined their approaches and developed a powerful system called Somagetics.

Understanding the Power of the Nervous System

Kimberly emphasizes that the nervous system is an energetic system and plays a pivotal role in rewiring self-sabotaging behaviors. Their program, Trauma Energetics Coaching Certification, equips coaches and individuals with the tools to utilize this system effectively. By addressing the root causes of trauma-related behaviors, they empower individuals to overcome barriers and achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Personal Healing Experience

Suzy shares a personal glimpse into her own healing journey, specifically focusing on their fear of speaking up. Through sessions with Kimberly, she was able to tap into her feelings and energy, ultimately addressing and releasing her fear. This approach allowed Suzy to discover her own solutions and experience profound personal growth. She emphasized the power of self-discovery and highlight the uniqueness of the method compared to others.

Effectiveness of Trauma Energetics Coaching

Kimberly invites Suzy to share her perspective on the effectiveness of the process. Suzy shares how she struggled in her business and felt stuck before discovering the transformative power of Trauma Energetics Coaching. 

Through this system, she gained insight into her next steps and were able to move forward confidently. Suzy’s professional growth paralleled their personal healing, bringing a renewed sense of purpose.

The Trauma Energetics Coaching Program

Kimberly and Suzy discuss the Trauma Energetics coaching program, which is essential for any type of therapy and can also help with financial or business blocks. 

The program offers different paths for participants, including a personal healing path for those not seeking certification. The certification program itself is a year-long journey, with the potential to complete certification in as little as six months. 

Participants can expect a comprehensive curriculum filled with self-study work, videos, reading materials, homework, and engaging live classes.

The Journey Towards Certification

The program focuses on practical application and includes a self-healing journey with six personal growth sessions. Participants have the opportunity to work on real issues in a safe and supportive environment. 

The foundational teachings cover the nervous system, trauma physiology, and energetics. Furthermore, childhood development stages and their impact on personality and behavior are explored. The program culminates in teaching participants how to conduct sessions using the methodology, featuring four distinct phases.

Starting Your Practice

Kimberly highlights that the program not only equips individuals with valuable skills but also provides the guidance to start a successful coaching practice. They express excitement about collaborating with healthcare providers who have a shared mission of empowering others through personalized coaching. This collaboration aligns with their goal of reaching a wider audience and making a lasting impact in the world.

Living Unconventionally and Embracing Success

Both Kimberly and Suzy share a common thread of living outside traditional norms and embracing unconventional lifestyles. They discuss the challenges associated with internet connectivity, given their off-grid and RV lifestyles. 

Despite these obstacles, they both firmly believe that success can be achieved by embracing a different way of life, and they encourage others to join them on this transformative journey.


As our interview with Kimberly Ward comes to a close, we are reminded of the immense power of Trauma Energetics Coaching and its ability to unlock healing, personal growth, and business success. 

Kimberly's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of this incredible system, and their passion shines through as they dedicate themselves to helping others thrive. 

If you're interested in learning more about the Trauma Energetics coaching program or starting your own coaching practice, head over to Somagetics.net for further information. 

Join the movement towards a healthier and more fulfilling life today!

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