In this podcast episode, Suzy Wraines talks with Kathleen Cameron, a manifestation coach and teacher who helps people step into the best versions of themselves and create their extraordinary life through wealth creation. Kathleen shares her story of going from being a nurse to becoming an entrepreneur after being approached by someone doing affiliate marketing.

She talks about how she got introduced to personal growth and development and how she started studying manifestation through the teachings of Bob Proctor. Kathleen defines manifestation as spirituality meets personal growth and development, becoming aware of a version of yourself that you haven't yet been, and then manifesting a different life for yourself based on that version of you that you bring into the physical world.

Suzy talks about how visualization plays a role in her business planning process and how she has her clients visualize their future businesses. The conversation continues with a discussion around stepping into our elevated self. Suzy shares a personal story of how she moved from her past self into a higher version of herself. Which is what lead to having this podcast interview now instead of last week.

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