3 reasons why is it important to have a strategy for your blogs
The article was written by: Jade Francesca

Like any other marketing asset, blogs benefit from having a strategy. 

If you aren’t familiar with what a blog strategy is, it’s essentially a plan of action which will outline your goals, intentions, and methods you will use to create and manage a profitable blog.

Here is what is usually included in a blog strategy:
  1. Your audience: Who is your blog for? Who will benefit from reading it? What benefit will they gain? What would you like them to do after they read your blog? 
  2. Your content, branding, and tone: What topics will your blog cover? How are these topics related to your business products, programs, and other offers? What style and tone do you want your blog to have?
  3. Your schedule: How often will new content be published on your blog? 
  4. Your blog promotion: How will your blog be shared and promoted? Social media, email newsletters, collaboration emails?
  5. Your blog goals: What are the specific goals? Do you want to increase your website’s traffic and/or your brand awareness? Do you want to turn your blog into a passive source of income with affiliate links and ads? Do you want your blog to be a step in your customer journey?
  6. Your resources: What resources (e.g., time, personnel, budget) will be dedicated to your blog? 
  7. Your keywords and other strategy: Which SEO keywords will be targeted in your blog? How will your blog's content be linked to other pages on your website? Will you use external links? Will you collaborate with guest bloggers?

I know it may seem like a lot (and yes, it is), but it definitely is important to take a moment to answer all these questions and curate a blog strategy that will benefit your business the way you want it to.

Here are three reasons why.

Defining your ideal audience means you can create content that will attract the right people to your website 

Whether your goal is to increase your website’s traffic, increase awareness for your brand, create a passive source of income through affiliate links, use your blog as a step in your customer journey, or all of the above, taking the time to carefully and clearly define your ideal audience is an essential step in creating a profitable blog.

There is a saying in marketing that goes along the lines of “if you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one”, and this applies here. Without clearly defining your ideal audience, your content won’t be attracting the right people to your website and to your business.

Taking the time to clearly define your audience and know who you want to attract to your website (and why you want this specific audience) will help you decide which content best speaks to their needs, interests, and values so that it resonates with them and encourages them to stay on your website.

The more your content resonates with them and the more engaging your content is for your ideal audience, the greater the chances that they will commit to your call-to-actions, whether it be to listen to your podcast, buy through your affiliate links, buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter, and so on and so forth.

Maximize your reach and visibility through a clear promotion strategy

As part of your promotion strategy for your blog, you’ll want to know where you’ll promote, when you’ll promote, and most importantly, how you will promote.

By taking the time to create a blog strategy, you’ll have a bigger picture about what your promotion strategy will look like, and how you’ll want to repurpose your content through your promotion efforts as well. 

For instance, will you want to repurpose and promote your blog through Instagram reels and invite your followers to learn more about your reels’ content through your blog? Will you want to repurpose and promote your blog content by putting excerpts of your posts on LinkedIn to invite connections to read the rest of the post on your blog? 

The possibilities are endless, which means you truly do need to take the time to focus on a strategy which will serve your blog best. 

To maximize your reach and visibility, think about your ideal audience and where they like to be. Do they prefer hanging out on Instagram? Tiktok? Facebook Groups? Wherever it is, that’s where you want your blog promotion to be.

Setting clear goals means more focus, more organization, and more motivation

Having clear and defined goals for your blog will keep you focused, and they will provide a means for you to evaluate your success. While I always tell my audience not to lose themselves in the metrics, it is important to evaluate whether or not you are achieving your blog goals. Otherwise, how are you supposed to know which shifts need to be made for your blog to be more profitable?

Setting clear goals in your strategy will also help you have a better organization system for your blog. For instance, by having a goal of blogging four times a month, you can then create a content calendar and plan out your content ahead of time so that you can identify whether or not you have any gaps in your content. A content calendar can also help you make sure you are on track and prioritize important content in your strategy.

Now, I can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but organization always helps me be more motivated. If I don’t have a clear idea of what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, and how I’m doing it, my motivation dwindles very quickly. By setting clear goals within your blog strategy, chances are you will be far more motivated to follow through.

Having a blog strategy truly does help you be more focused, organized and motivated, not only through setting clear goals but also through planning what resources you’ll need, how you’ll promote your blog and what your schedule will look like.

In conclusion

There are many, many reasons why having a blog strategy is important, but here are the three ones we discussed today:

  1. By defining your blog’s ideal audience, you can know which content to create so it’ll attract the right people to your website
  2. By taking the time to create a blog promotion strategy, you’ll get to maximize your reach and visibility so more of your audience reads your blog
  3. By setting clear goals and a strategic plan, you’ll be more focused, more organized, and more motivated to work on your blog

Strategy is key when it comes to doing marketing in a cost- and time-effective way, and if you were on the fence about creating a strategy for your blog, I hope you now feel motivated to take some time and answer the questions mentioned above in the introduction and create an aligned strategy for your blog.

If you’d like to talk it out with an aligned marketing strategist, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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