In this episode of Starting a Business Simplified, Suzy talks about her approach to planning and how she simplifies it. For many business owners, planning can be an overwhelming task, and Suzy has some great tips on how to make it simpler and more effective. Let's dive in!

Suzy's planning style is unique in that she does not strictly follow a calendar and prefers to work when she feels inspired. She creates to-do lists and categorizes her tasks as daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and annually. 

Instead of scheduling tasks on specific dates, she looks at her tasks week to week to decide when to work on them. This approach gives her more flexibility while ensuring that the critical tasks are completed.

One of the most helpful tips Suzy shares in this episode is about prioritizing tasks based on your energy and inspiration levels. She suggests that business owners identify the tasks they enjoy and don't have a problem doing by putting the number one next to them. For the tasks they don't like but have to do, they should put the number two.

Suzy's Tips on Simplifying Planning:
  1. Prioritize tasks based on your energy and inspiration levels.
  2. Identify the tasks you enjoy doing by putting a number one next to them.
  3. For tasks you don't like, but have to do, put a number two next to them.
  4. Do at least one thing you enjoy, even when you lack motivation.
  5. Schedule weekly tasks but be flexible and move it around if needed.
  6. Set aside one day for administrative work.
  7. Track your tasks to ensure progress is made.
  8. Write down essential tasks even if you prefer flexibility in planning.
  9. Do "number two" tasks when feeling energized and motivated.
  10. Schedule tasks based on your energy levels and inspiration.

Suzy recommends that business owners do at least one thing they enjoy, even when they don't feel motivated due to tiredness, lack of sleep, or personal life issues. This will help navigate the emotional rollercoaster of being a business owner and keep them moving forward.

Suzy finds inspiration and energy after conducting podcast interviews. In addition, she prefers to schedule tasks based on her intuition and feeling rather than strict scheduling. She blocks out time on her calendar for weekly tasks but is flexible and can move it around if needed.

She also sets aside Mondays to do all her administrative work. On Mondays, she reviews her calendar and to-do list to prioritize tasks for the week. She considers her appointments for the week and mentally visualizes how she will feel during each task. She uses her energy levels and mood to determine the best time to complete tasks.

Suzy tracks her tasks to ensure that she is achieving what needs to be done. She recommends that even people who prefer flexibility in planning still write down essential tasks to move their business forward. Not doing necessary tasks leads to a lack of progress. Writing down tasks can also help with the emotional side of being a business owner by reducing the roller coaster of emotions.

She talks about tasks that are put off and procrastinated. Tasks that are not enjoyable and lack motivation have a "two" next to them. She advises listeners to be aware of their energy levels and emotions before doing tasks. When feeling energized and motivated, listeners should focus on doing the "number two" tasks.

Suzy has a task that must be done weekly by the end of the week. Tasks that must be done on a specific day are scheduled for that day. She puts tasks that require energy and inspiration in the morning when she is a morning person. Tasks that are fun and enjoyable are scheduled for the afternoon or later in the day when energy levels are lower.

Suzy loves doing her podcast and finds it energizing. She prefers to record individual episodes later in the day because it boosts her energy, and she has more fun. She encourages the audience to figure out what works best for them in terms of planning and scheduling tasks. If someone prefers to have everything on their calendar and complete tasks at specific times, they should do that.

Suzy's approach to planning is a breath of fresh air for business owners who seek more flexibility and intuition. Following her tips can help cut down the overwhelming feeling of planning while still ensuring that essential tasks are completed.

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