Authenticity on Social Media with Jasmine Partida
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About Jasmine Partida

Jasmine Partita is a social media strategist who specializes in creating high visibility content so you can connect with your audience where they are and scale your online sales. 

In this conversation, Jasmine dives into all things social media, how to get clients, and simplify the ways that you can overcome some of your confidence issues that you might be having to be able to put yourself out there and be on social media in the way that fits you best. 

The Importance Of Being Authentic On Social Media

Jasmine begins by explaining how people are wanting to purchase services and products from small businesses instead of big corporations.

“You have this power of being yourself, of being unique in how you approach whatever business you have and how you're solving problems for people. You have the ability to actually reach more people organically than big businesses do.” -Jasmine Partida

Jasmine continues to discuss how people want to see authenticity. They want to see the behind the scenes of the struggle, the journey, and the successes.

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

Jasmine explains that it is important to begin by choosing one social media platform that you are most comfortable on to post your content. Then, choose a second platform where your audience is showing up and engaged. You can use the content from the first platform and reuse it on the second platform. Then you will begin to reach your audience on two different platforms. Once you get into the rhythm of two platforms, you can expand from there. 

Video Content

“Video is Queen Online!” -Jasmine Partida
-Practice going live in your Facebook Group- you can make it hidden and private
-Reuse Zoom Meetings and Webinars

“If you come at it from a place of service, creating content becomes a lot easier.” -Jasmine Partida

Repurpose Your Content With Jasmine’s 100 Post Package

  1. Record a 30-60 minute video, Webinar, or Masterclass
  2. Choose 1-3 minute clips
  3. Turn clips into audio/video gram clips, quotes, graphics
  4. Post clips and graphics on your social media platforms using scheduling tool
  5. Transcribe original video and use for blog post

How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

Jasmine explains by explaining that how often you should post on social media varies between business owners. 

“If your goal is fast growth, you're going to want to show up consistently every day, couple times a day, even depending on the platform.” -Jasmine Partida
Furthermore, Jasmine explains to keep in mind your goal and the audience you are trying to reach. 

Posting Consistently on Social Media

Jasmine shares that posting your content consistently on your social media platforms doesn’t mean posting everyday at 5:00pm. 

Jasmine says, “it's the consistency that people learn to build trust from. But when you're all in and then all out and all in and all out, that loses the trust piece with your audience. And that makes it hard to sell to them because they're not sure you're always going to be there. 

And then the other thing, like I said, is consistency of message. So you want to make sure you're saying even if you're switching just a little bit the wording or you're testing out a couple different ways to phrase it. The same concept themes and your values are still consistent across your social media channels.”
 “The whole goal of social media is to connect and build.” -Jasmine Pardita

Next, Jasmine shares a story about one of her clients:
She only posst twice a week. She has a full-time corporate job. This is her side thing that she's building. She speaks on religion and how she can really help you in all these different places in your life. 

So for her, we picked doing a Sunday morning prayer. So she goes live on Instagram every Sunday morning for two minutes before she walks into church and just gives us a moment of grounding for the week and really finding ourselves and connecting our feet to the ground.

Then on Thursday, she posts something that's kind of related to what she said on Sunday. She started out with 300-400 views on that Sunday Live, and now she gets 10,000-12,000 views because people know she will be there on Sunday to give them their Sunday prayer.

Last Thought From Jasmine Pardita

Plan your social media and launches for the year.

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