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Prioritizing Yourself: The Key to Starting a Successful Business

In a recent episode of "[Starting a Business Simplified](https://www.youtube.com/@startingabusinesssimplified)" featuring guest speaker Dr. Mandy Marziaz (https://www.drmandymarziaz.com/), the importance of prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries as business owners was discussed. Dr. Marziaz emphasized the significance of taking charge of your well-being and being the CEO of your health. 

By prioritizing your health, you bring positive energy, clarity, and focus to your work, enabling you to thrive personally and professionally. It is also crucial to establish boundaries to prioritize your own needs and avoid burnout. By setting boundaries with clients and gradually implementing small changes, you can prioritize personal commitments without betraying trust. 

By applying a CEO mindset to our lives, we empower ourselves to make decisions that align with our personal and professional goals, improving work-life balance and inspiring others to do the same. Additionally, Dr. Mandy shared her experiences with imposter syndrome and how she learned from those experiences to make more informed choices and avoid unnecessary expenditures. 

The article concludes by emphasizing that prioritizing yourself is the foundation for building a successful business and achieving work-life harmony.

Why Being a Business Owner Isn't as Scary as You Think: Insights from a Former Medic

In this episode of Starting a Business Simplified, the host shares a personal revelation about the similarities between being a business owner and serving as a medic in the army. The episode explores why being a business owner is not as daunting as it may seem.

The host encourages those contemplating entrepreneurship, particularly medical professionals, that they have what it takes to succeed. The episode discusses embracing the unknown, overcoming sacrifices and hardships, taking control of your journey, and overcoming doubts and challenges. The host emphasizes that medical professionals have already honed the skills necessary to thrive as entrepreneurs.

Overall, the episode aims to inspire and empower medical professionals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, reminding them that their expertise and passion can continue to save lives in a different way. By taking control of their journey and creating a life of freedom and purpose, they can make a profound impact on people's well-being.

A Simplified Approach to Starting Your Own Business: Suzy’s 3-Day Mastermind

In this blog post, we explore the Preliminary Pathway to Business Success, a 3-phase method designed specifically for women looking to transition into entrepreneurship. The first phase focuses on laying the foundation for your business by identifying your strengths, refining your business idea, and understanding your ideal client. In the second phase, we delve into building your blueprint, including creating a comprehensive financial plan and determining the optimal price for your services. The final phase involves charting your course by condensing your business plan into a powerful blueprint and strategizing your next steps. 

This Simplified Approach to Business offers a step-by-step breakdown of the process, allowing you to navigate the path to entrepreneurship with confidence and clarity. Don't miss the opportunity to attend our monthly mastermind sessions and gain access to valuable insights and expertise that will propel your business forward.

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Transition from burnt-out medical professional, to online Entrepreneur.

Designing a business plan for women navigating the shift from medical career to online Entrepreneur.


Here are the top challenges and frustrations I can help with:

✔️ Define your online service
✔️ Define pricing strategy
✔️ Define client experience
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Why you need support during your transition

  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting an online business while working long hours.

  • You don’t know how to leverage the skills and experience you acquired in healthcare to care for and support clients through an online business of your own. 

  • You need help defining the path that’ll take you from a full time salary, to a full time online business income.

How we prepare your shift


Set up a simple system to manage and track your income, expenses, and profit.

Online Back Office

Prepare processes to create an excellent client experience.


Define exactly what you'll offer and how you will provide services.

What some of my past clients had to say

"As I thought about starting my own business, I didn't know how much I didn't know!  "
- Jenn

"I have successfully scaled back to simplify my program offer after working through the Simple Steps Business Plan Workbook, and working directly with Suzy. "
- Becky

"Within 6 months of working with her, I managed to not only finish the book, but have it published and out in the world! "
- Crystal

Starting a Business Simplified
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Meet your coach

I’m Suzy Wraines, as an Entrepreneur Coach, I have dedicated my career to helping women transition from a medical career to starting a successful online business. With over 10 years of experience in both human and veterinary medicine, I understand the challenges that come with leaving a healthcare profession and entering the entrepreneurial world.

Additionally, I have over 20 years of combined experience in corporate business, which has given me a deep understanding of business operations and strategy. By leveraging my expertise in both fields, I am able to provide a unique perspective and approach to coaching women health professionals in starting their own businesses.

How I can support you

$3700 (payment options available)
12 weeks 1:1 coaching

$1500 (payment options available)
Starting Your Practice Online Course

$37 (PDF download)
One time purchase
DIY Business Plan

  • Feeling like you can only work in healthcare because it's what you've  always done.
  • Don't have control over your time. 
  • Feel overwhelmed about the prospect of starting a business while working such long hours.
  • Worried about the transition from income security with a monthly paycheck, to income uncertainty working for yourself.
Starting a Business Simplified
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-Suzy Wraines

It's all in the details...

Every successful company is built on dozens of details – like business financial planning, marketing planning, finance, and operations. A business plan is like a map that takes you from where you are to where you want to go. Whether your vision is to start a thriving one-person operation or a company that will grow to employ thousands, a well-written business plan is an essential tool for any entrepreneur. 

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