Custom Business Foundation Coaching with 
Suzy Wraines
This program will build confidence in your professional expertise to be taken seriously in your industry as a successful business owner. You will participate in meaningful work that excites you. 

Throughout the program, you will learn how to invest your time and money that will generate a profit within the first year the business is open.

No more wondering will my business idea work. You will know the decisions that build a profitable business using your passions in a way that helps your clients and community.

What is included...
  • 12 Weeks of one-on-one video private coaching 
  • Weeks 1-12 private coaching around action steps for the week (60 mins).
    • 1 Action plan assigned each week (total of 6).
    • Continued weekly coaching support (total 12).
    • Email support from Suzy between sessions.
    • Access to the coaching resources and materials through the coaching portal for the life of the program.

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Going through the steps of the program, you can’t help but get excited about the opportunities that unfold as you start taking action in your business. As you move through the process of writing your plan, you will feel empowered and have a schedule that jolts you out of bed each day to work on your business. At the end of the program, you will have...
  • A actionable step-by-step business plan.
  • A complete picture of your business from start to finish.
    • What your service is.
    • The cost to start your business.
    • Basic operations set up for your business. 
    • Know what help you will need now and as you grow.
    • Understand business numbers.
      • Know the business numbers to track.
      • Basic budgeting/bookkeeping.
    • Have a starter marketing plan.
    • Vision and Mission Statements
This program is designed to hyper-focus on the key elements of creating a business. This will jump-start your efforts in launching your business in 6 weeks.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most asked questions about the coaching program.

What happens on the coaching calls?
Each week you will be working on a section of the Simple Steps Business Plan Workbook. During our coaching calls, we will discuss areas you would like help with. These will be on the topics you would like more clarity around.  My goal as your coach is to help you know exactly what you are doing in your business to start and run it. 

What is included in the weekly action plans?
The action plans are the sections of the Simple Steps Business Plan Workbook.  If you are needing more structure or tools outside of the workbook I will provide you with additional tools as needed.  There is a lot of information to process as you work through each week. I won't overwhelm you with more than what you can accomplish weekly. 

Is the coaching program refundable?
Yes, up to one week prior to your first coaching session.  No refunds will be made once coaching starts. The program is no longer refundable. You will have access to the materials for the life of the program. 

How do I access the materials for the program?
You will receive an email with login access to your private portal. All the materials for the coaching program will be available to download from this login. You will have access to these materials for the life of the program.

How will I communicate with my coach?
Between coaching calls, you can email me directly with any questions or concerns you have. I will reply to your email within 24 hrs of receiving it during business hours (M-Th 9 am to 4 pm Mountain Time).

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