Starting A Business Checklist

Take the overwhelm out of starting a small business 

How exciting to be starting your own business!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what you need to do today?  

By downloading the Starting A Business Checklist you will see what needs to be done in one place. As you check off items on the list the overwhelm will melt away.  

Download the Starting A Business Checklist to get started today. 


It will save you time and reduce overwhelm when starting your small business. 

As you think about starting a business there are many decisions you need to make. It can feel overwhelming. 

Checklists are a fantastic way to reduce overwhelm. I have put together a starting a business checklist that has the key components for starting a small business. 

Using this checklist you will feel accomplished as you check off the items you have already taken care of. The items left on the list you can prioritize starting with the most important.  

Taking it one step at a time. Moving through the list you can make key decisions when you are ready. 

When you have made the important decision to start your own business, wouldn’t be great to have a guide for what needs to be done? 

Download the Starting A Business Checklist.

simple steps business plan template

The Simple Steps Business Plan Workbook is an easy to use business plan template that will help you create a successful business plan.  

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