IMagine Monthly Call

On the call those who feel comfortable will share the following:
  • A vision they have of an event, place, or time that is already done.
  • Share what it feels like in the moment. 
  • Use all your senses, touch, smell, sound, vision, and taste. 
  • Update us on what's been going on since your vision has come true.
After each person shares we will take a minute to hold the vision for them. This is an interactive time where we share, ask questions, and support each other in the visions. 

Between the calls:
You will have access to the discussion area to keep sharing how things are going for you within your vision. Ask questions to other people in the community. This is a place to keep the vibration going and hold the visions for all who are sharing. 

I'm so excited to have you here with all of us co-creating together!

Suzy Wraines
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