Unlocking the Secrets to Better Sleep for Entrepreneurs with Annette Jalbert

Prioritize Sleep for Success: Insights from Annette Jalbert on Starting a Business Simplified

Starting and running a successful business is a dream for many entrepreneurs, but often the pressure to succeed can lead to sleepless nights and a lifestyle that is anything but restful. In a recent enlightening episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," we had the pleasure of welcomingAnnette Jalbert, a registered clinical counselor from British Columbia, Canada, who shed light on the overlooked yet crucial component of entrepreneurial success: sleep. Annette, with her vast experience helping individuals achieve balance and self-care, brought valuable insights on how prioritizing sleep and self-care can significantly impact productivity and well-being.

Annette's Personal Journey

Our guest, Annette Jalbert, shared her inspiring transition from facing burnout as a single parent juggling multiple roles to where she stands today—a testament to the effects of self-care on personal and professional growth. By making a pivot towards prioritizing her well-being, Annette illustrates the transformative power of sleep on one's overall life trajectory.

The Entrepreneur's Challenge

As host Suzy highlighted, entrepreneurs often wear numerous hats and struggle to allocate time for self-care. Recognizing that everyone acquires qualifications daily through life experiences, Suzy and Annette discussed applying these experiences to new business ventures. For business owners, sharing personal stories and expertise can be a powerful marketing tool that also helps in reaching the right clients.

The Value of Sleep and Self-Care

Self-care, particularly a consistent sleep routine, emerged as a sustained theme throughout the conversation. Annette underscored the importance of creating a restful environment and implementing patience and consistency when practicing self-care. She encouraged listeners to take actionable steps, such as designing a sleep-conducive space and establishing a calming nighttime routine.

Strategies for a Better Night's Sleep

Annette's counseling background shone through as she offered multiple strategies for improving sleep. Recommendations included avoiding screen time before bed, following a consistent sleep schedule, and journaling sleep experiences to gain insights into personal sleep patterns.

The Influence of Technology

The disruptive impact of technology on sleep was a concern addressed in-depth in the episode. From relying on phones as alarm clocks to the constant stimulation provided by devices, Annette advised listeners to be mindful of their technology use, especially in the hours leading up to bedtime.

A Holistic Sleep Routine

Annette provided a comprehensive outline of an ideal sleep routine, incorporating activities such as reading, meditation, and journaling with a focus on gratitude. She also mentioned the beneficial effects of exercise, such as yoga or stretching, and environmental adjustments like limiting caffeine and alcohol intake. Suzy added her personal touch, sharing the effectiveness of guided meditation in her own sleep routine.

Prioritizing Sleep in the Midst of Start-up Chaos

While starting and running a business can be chaotic, Suzy spoke about the non-negotiable aspect of maintaining a routine that includes time for sleep and self-care. She shared a personal decision involving her husband's job change to align their schedules—reflecting the importance placed on the sanctity of sleep and routine.

Strategies for entrepreneurs with full schedules

Suzy introduced listeners to her program designed to help those with full-time jobs transition into starting their own businesses. Keeping in mind the time-sensitive nature of their schedules, Suzy's program uses short educational videos, allowing for consistent, gradual learning without compromising sleep.

Unpacking Sleep Hygiene and Self-Care

Annette provided actionable advice for those struggling to get good quality sleep. Simple tips such as using melatonin with guidance, moving to a different room if sleeplessness persists, and keeping a notepad close to jot down thoughts can alleviate concerns and prepare the mind for rest.

Authenticity in Entrepreneurship

Amidst their sleep-focused dialogue, Annette and Suzy also touched upon the significance of being authentic in business. They discussed the art of reaching the right audience and being true to oneself and one's message, akin to finding the perfect outfit that just fits.

Gratitude and Technology-Free Spaces

Ending on a powerful note, Annette reiterated the beneficial effects of incorporating a gratitude practice into nighttime routines and stressed the need for sleep to be treated as sacred. Suzy concurred, bringing in a light-hearted personal story about their pet functioning as their natural alarm clock.

Engaging with Annette

Listeners were also presented with the chance to engage with Annette Jalbert through her counseling services, the GrowSquared mentorship program, and her deliberately designed life planner. Coupled with her approachability and advocacy, Annette's offerings underscore the values shared throughout the episode: patience, consistency, and the prioritization of sleep and self-care.


The episode with Annette Jalbert was a deep dive into the intricacies of self-care, with a strong emphasis on the foundational role sleep plays in an entrepreneur's life. The insights provided were not just informational but transformational for any business owner or prospective entrepreneur. As Annette advised, starting with a single consistent practice can set the course for improved sleep hygiene and, ultimately, a more successful, balanced lifestyle.
In the world of business, sleep may often be pushed aside in the hustle of starting and growing a venture. Yet, as this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified" so clearly illuminated, overlooking the importance of rest can have dire consequences for both personal health and professional achievement. It's not about having more hours in the day; it's about making the hours we have more productive through the restoration that only sleep can provide. As we dream of success in our waking hours, let us not forget the power of the dreams we chase in our sleep.

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