How to Build a Business While Working Full Time: A Nurse's Journey

Starting a Business: Identifying Your 'Why' and Unlocking Success

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is a pursuit fueled by various motives, aspirations, and countless questions. As business maestro Suzy Wraines, host of the insightful podcast "Starting A Business Simplified," poses to her audience: "Why do you want to start a business?" This question is the cornerstone of today's exploration, and quite fittingly, the episode is aptly titled, "Suzy Why Start a Business."

Understanding your 'why' isn't just another step in the business inception process; it’s the very foundation that will underpin every decision, every iota of perseverance, and every triumph you claim as your own. Suzy delves into the world of 'why,' explaining that it essentially boils down to two primary factors: you're either solving a problem or entertaining an audience. This classification simplifies the complexities of the business landscape, making it more approachable.

Take laundry detergent, for example. The product serves a particular purpose: to clean clothes. Brands that create these detergents focus on producing an efficient cleaner to retain customers. Suzy parallels this to her mission of deconstructing the business creation process into a stream of manageable steps, thereby imparting clarity and direction to those who find themselves overwhelmed amidst the sea of advice and misdirection often encountered at the onset.

Many potential entrepreneurs are swamped with information but lack the sequential blueprint to proceed confidently. Addressing this pain point becomes the 'why' for Suzy as she guides her clients through each ingredient necessary for a burgeoning enterprise. Each step is crafted to ensure incremental progress, forming the staircase to their ultimate goal — a thriving business.

In a world crowded with voices vying for attention, understanding and pinpointing your target audience's needs is critical. For instance, consider a laundry service compared to the sale of laundry detergent. Whereas the detergent solves the root problem of dirty clothes, the laundry service addresses a derivative dilemma —the lack of time to perform the task. This illustrates that even within an industry, various 'whys' intersect to cater to diverse clientele needs. The significant lesson here? Know your audience.

This specificity in service extends to the dimension of one's role and identity within the business landscape. Suzy provides an anecdote from her military days when laundry services gifted her invaluable time to focus on her responsibilities, a luxury any busy person can appreciate. Your offerings do more than tick a box; they potentially return time, offer relief, or create opportunities for your clientele.

One of the more touching accounts shared by Suzy is her affinity with women transitioning from the medical field to entrepreneurship. Here, Suzy's 'why' shines bright — aiding these professionals in setting up their businesses brings fulfillment, knowing she played a part in their successful industry switch. Moreover, it's a service that channels her personal expertise and empathy, given her military medical background. While she openly caters to a broader audience, Suzy's narrative emphasizes the profundity of aligning one's experiences with their business endeavors.

The podcast episode further resonates with the sentiment that a business's value proposition can be as elemental yet impactful as providing clean laundry in a war zone. The relief and gratitude such a service delivers are immeasurable, demonstrating that every service, no matter how rudimentary it may seem, has its significance heightened when tied to a robust 'why.'

Suzy extends an invitation to her listeners to dive deeper into the folds of business insights by joining the “Starting A Business Simplified podcast listeners group” on Facebook. This space is reserved for listeners eager to connect, share experiences, and pose questions. The group fosters a community of budding entrepreneurs buoying each other towards their 'whys' amidst the ebb and flow of business dynamics.

In summary, Suzy advocates for a grounded reason behind pursuing the entrepreneurial track. Regardless of the industry or niche, understanding and embracing this 'why' is essential. It guides the business's mission, informs the audience strategy, and underpins the impact you wish to have. As Suzy aptly concludes, keeping it simple isn't merely a sign-off – it is a philosophy, a guiding principle to navigate the complex journey of entrepreneurship with focus, purpose, and success.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur refining your path or a newcomer eager to make your mark, remember the transformative power of your 'why.' It's the spark that ignites innovation, sustains your passion during challenging times, and ultimately carves a niche that resonates with the needs and hearts of your intended clientele. So, take a quiet moment, reflect, and identify your 'why' — it may just be the most crucial step you take towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

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