Redefining Focus: Veronica's Journey from PA to ADHD Coach


The Focused Path: Finding Clarity and Achieving Goals with Veronica Trevilla

When we embark on the journey of starting and running a business, the challenges can be as daunting as they are exciting. Focus often becomes the cornerstone of success, and on this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," we welcome special guest Veronica Trevilla—a seasoned physician assistant turned life coach specializing in ADHD—who shares invaluable insights on enhancing focus and overcoming related challenges. Hosted by the ever-insightful Suzy, this episode unpacks the intricacies of focus, diving deep into the world of adult ADHD, lifestyle coaching, and personal growth.

Veronica's journey began in pediatric neurology and neurodevelopmental disorders, but it was her personal identification with ADHD characteristics, both in herself and her children, that catalyzed her shift towards becoming an ADHD coach. The pivot towards life coaching especially for adults and working women became her calling in the wake of the pandemic and the shift to telehealth services. She candidly discusses her personal battles with anxiety and depression and tells us how life coaching was her rebirth—a revitalization that ensued from her mid-forties after going through a divorce. Her story is not just one of self-discovery but also a testament to the power of focus and emotional regulation.

One particularly enlightening portion of the conversation centered on hyperfocus—a state where individuals with ADHD can become incredibly absorbed in tasks they are passionate about. Veronica explains the neurochemical background of hyperfocus, delineating how dopamine, the pleasure neurotransmitter, plays a central role. This conversation undeniably shatters a common misconception that hyperfocus equates to the absence of ADHD. Suzy and Veronica note its occurrence in both children and adults and how this acute concentration can mislead observers.

In our modern life, the lure of constant dopamine hits from activities like prolonged smartphone use can artificially induce a state akin to hyperfocus. Veronica underscores how this can rewire the brain of younger generations to crave constant stimulation, potentially engraving a concerning pattern with long-term implications.

It is against this backdrop that Veronica introduces her Focus Framework. This toolbox is tailored to address individual challenges with focus and forge daily habits that propel one towards achieving their goals. The framework's foundation is clarity—understanding what you want and why the usual strategies haven’t been effective. Veronica urges embracing a customized approach, as each person’s battle with focus is distinct and interwoven with their unique life circumstances.

Suzy and Veronica converge on the idea that our diverse environments and relationships shape our paths toward focus and goal attainment. Differences in living conditions and personal connections necessitate a bespoke method when devising strategies for maintaining focus.

During the conversation, Veronica adds a profound layer to this discourse by highlighting the importance of seeking professional diagnosis for ADHD. Coaching is not a replacement for clinical intervention, but a complement that reinforces strategies for those who struggle with focus, whether they have ADHD or not.

Veronica graciously shares resources for individuals seeking to learn more or embark on a journey of improved focus. Her website,, is a portal to discovery calls and further support. She also manages a private Facebook group, Focus Lab, dedicated to working women, and actively engages with her audience across social media platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn.

A relatable moment arises when Suzy shares her own experiences with routines and habits, recounting the stress of moving and adjusting to new places. Likewise, Veronica recalls her resistance to digital calendars—something many of us can empathize with. It was a pivotal moment when she realized that traditional methods only hindered her from reaching her objectives, leading to an acceptance of digital tools as aids for freedom and efficiency.

The dialog then proceeds to the domain of routines and micro-habits. There's an acknowledgment that our brains prefer the path of least resistance, even when it is not the most efficient. The challenge, thus, lies in being consistent despite resistance, making the necessary mental shifts to persevere through setbacks. Veronica shares how she redefined her mindset to view her laptop and digital calendar not as shackles but as keys to liberation.

Another tool for motivation that surfaces in the conversation is the concept of the "ta-da" list, a strategy advocated by author Gretchen Rubin. Celebrating even small achievements can significantly shift energy toward a more positive outlook—an important lesson in the pursuit of long-term goals.

As the episode winds down, Suzy encapsulates the core wisdom in her parting words: "keep it simple." This mantra, perhaps the most vital takeaway, serves as a lighthouse for budding entrepreneurs and individuals yearning to streamline their life and sharpen their focus. The discussions shared on this episode of "Starting a Business Simplified" with Veronica Trevilla are more than just insights; they are stepping stones towards a lifeline anchored in focus and clarity.

Whether you're an established business owner, a working professional grappling with focus, or just anyone curious about the interplay between lifestyle and productivity, Veronica's episode is a must-listen. Her inspiring story and the practical expertise she brings to the table are sure to illuminate pathways for those seeking to manage their concentration and navigate the complexities of goal actualization with ease.

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