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Workshops that are designed to give you clarity and confidence in your business.
 For women who are ready to transition out of their medical careers and have the freedom of being their own boss.
Can you relate?

  • Feeling like you can only work in healthcare because it's what you've always done.
  • Don't have control over your time. 
  • Feel overwhelmed about the prospect of starting a business while working such long hours.
  • Worried about the transition from income security with a monthly paycheck, to income uncertainty working for yourself.
If this is you keep reading...

I provide a step-by-step plan that clears a path to starting a successful business even if you have little or no business knowledge.
Starting a Business Simplified Podcast
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Why you need support during your transition

  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting an online business while working long hours.

  • You don’t know how to leverage the skills and experience you acquired in healthcare to care for and support clients through an online business of your own. 

  • You need help defining the path that’ll take you from a full-time salary to a full-time online business income.

Meet Business Foundation Coach, Suzy Wraines

I’m Suzy Wraines, as an Business Foundation Coach, I have dedicated my career to helping women transition from a medical career to starting a successful online business. With over 10 years of experience in both human and veterinary medicine, I understand the challenges that come with leaving a healthcare profession and entering the entrepreneurial world.

Additionally, I have over 20 years of combined experience in corporate business, which has given me a deep understanding of business operations and strategy. By leveraging my expertise in both fields, I am able to provide a unique perspective and approach to coaching women health professionals in starting their own businesses.

I am thrilled to share my experience working with Becky Clabaugh, one of my earliest clients, and witnessing her remarkable journey as an entrepreneur. When Becky approached me, she was seeking guidance in streamlining her coaching practice, particularly in the area of business systems and organization.

Through our coaching sessions, I had the privilege of assisting Becky in developing effective strategies to stay organized with her clients and manage foundational business tasks seamlessly. It's been incredibly rewarding to witness her growth and success along this journey.
Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Becky, and she expressed how invaluable our collaboration has been in bringing order and efficiency to her coaching practice. Becky has truly embraced the tools and techniques we've worked on, and her dedication has translated into tangible results.

Becky is now a six-figure coach, specializing in empowering women entrepreneurs to overcome money blocks and surpass income plateaus. I am deeply honored to have been part of Becky's journey and to witness her transformation into a thriving entrepreneur

Becky Clabaugh - Becky Clabaugh Coaching

"I cannot express enough how transformative my experience has been with Suzy's coaching. Unlike other business foundation coaches, Suzy offers a unique blend of skills that are essential for success. Her coaching goes beyond traditional methods; she addresses the internal blocks preventing business owners from reaching their full potential. This has not only been an enlightening journey but a divinely orchestrated experience for my business and me.

At a crucial moment when I needed the most support, Suzy's coaching was exactly what my business required. She taught me invaluable skills and provided the guidance to overcome obstacles that I hadn't even realized were holding me back. The step-by-step process she provides is not just about building a business but creating the business of your dreams. Without these foundational business skills, my efforts would not have materialized into success. Suzy's support has truly been pivotal, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone serious about making their business thrive."

Kimberly Ward, CEO & Founder of Somagetics

Working with Suzy has made such a difference in my life and highly recommend her as a coach. She is able to get right to the heart of my issues and help me identify specific action steps to make progress toward my goals. 

She is a strong proponent of learning and self-development and researches workable options to help her clients. 

I have gained so much insight since working with Suzy and am grateful for her support and coaching!

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Starting a Business Simplified Podcast
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Starting a business is an adventure filled with excitement and challenges, with legal protection often being overlooked by new entrepreneurs. In a recent podcast episode, Cheri Andrews, an expert in small business law, discusses the release of her newly revised book, "Smooth Sailing: An Essential Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business." The conversation highlights the significance of starting with a strong legal foundation, emphasizing updates in the new edition such as employment law, managing contracts, and trademark advice.

Andrews has expanded her guide to include essential areas of business law that are pivotal for both emerging and established businesses. She delves into new legal requirements like the Corporate Transparency Act and emphasizes the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset, including resilience and self-care. This mindset, intertwined with legal knowledge, positions business owners for success and longevity in their ventures.

The discussion rounds off with a reminder of the indispensable nature of legal protection from the inception of a business. Preparing a solid legal ground not merely prevents future legal troubles but also equips entrepreneurs with peace of mind, enabling them to concentrate on their business growth. Cheri Andrews' book stands as a vital resource, guiding entrepreneurs through the complexities of legal safeguards with clarity and approachability, ensuring their business isn't just surviving, but thriving.

Copy of How to Build a Business While Working Full Time: A Nurse's Journey

Starting a business transcends the act of merely setting up a commercial venture; it taps into the profound reason or 'why' that drives an entrepreneur's aspirations and goals. Suzy Wraines, through her practical and insightful guidance, sheds light on the importance of understanding this 'why' as the bedrock of every entrepreneurial journey. By classifying the motivation behind starting a business into solving a problem or entertaining an audience, Suzy simplifies the complex decisions entrepreneurs face, emphasizing the need for clear, purpose-driven actions.

The essence of identifying one's 'why' is further illustrated by Suzy through the analogy of laundry detergent − a product designed to solve a specific problem, thereby retaining customer loyalty. This approach not only demystifies the process of business creation but also provides a methodical framework to navigate the often overwhelming waves of advice and information. Suzy's mission is to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the confidence and clarity needed to tread their path towards establishing a successful enterprise, highlighting the significance of each step in the journey.

Understanding and tailoring offerings to the needs of a target audience is underscored as a critical facet of entrepreneurial success. Suzy's own experiences, including her transition from the military medical field to entrepreneurship, serve as a testament to the depth and fulfillment derived from aligning personal experiences with business endeavors. This narrative resonates with the broader lesson of the value proposition behind every service or product, encouraging potential business owners to delve deeply into their 'why'—unlocking not just the foundation for their business, but also the potential to significantly impact their chosen audience.

Redefining Focus: Veronica's Journey from PA to ADHD Coach

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey comes with its set of challenges, where maintaining focus is often key to achieving success. During an insightful episode of "Starting a Business Simplified," hosted by Suzy, Veronica Trevilla, a former physician assistant turned ADHD coach, shares her profound transition into life coaching. Her personal and professional evolution highlights the critical role of focusing mechanisms, especially for adults dealing with ADHD, showcasing her methodology in combating distractions and harnessing one's full potential.

The discussion delves into the concept of hyperfocus, a common but misunderstood aspect of ADHD, where an individual can become deeply engrossed in tasks that resonate with their passion, driven by the neurotransmitter dopamine. Veronica's explanation shatters the myth that hyperfocus implies a lack of ADHD, instead revealing how this intense concentration is a double-edged sword that requires careful management. This insight is particularly relevant in today’s digital age, where the endless quest for dopamine-driven engagement through smartphones poses risks of developing unhealthy patterns of focus among younger generations.

Veronica introduces her tailored Focus Framework, a strategic approach designed to cultivate clarity, overcome focus-related challenges, and establish productive habits leading to goal attainment. The conversation further explores the necessity of a bespoke strategy towards focus, acknowledging how individual environments and personal stories uniquely shape one’s journey. The significance of professional diagnosis and the complementary role of coaching underline the holistic approach to managing focus, providing a beacon of hope for those trying to navigate the complexities of attention and concentration in both personal and professional spheres.

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Starting a Business Simplified Podcast
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-Suzy Wraines

It's all in the details...

Every successful company is built on dozens of details – like business financial planning, marketing planning, finance, and operations. A business plan is like a map that takes you from where you are to where you want to go. Whether your vision is to start a thriving one-person operation or a company that will grow to employ thousands, a well-written business plan is an essential tool for any entrepreneur. 
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